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    Review "the CandleMakers Store?"

    Does anyone have experience with the Candlemakers Store, in Ohio? They appear to be a big wholesale, manufacturer of fragrances and candle / soap ingredients. They mostly focus on candlemaking but say that all their fragrance oils are skin safe, safe to use in HP and CP and MP soaps, as well as...
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    Patchouli plus ..? (for patchouli haters)

    This may already have been discussed, but there is sooo much good information here and I don't have time to search through it all. My Q: I have some patchouli from my last order - that I intended to use cause a customer told me she loved it with Lavender. Ugh. I discovered I cannot stand the...
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    Summertime: bee-sting Soap ?

    Not sure if this is the right category for my Q. but maybe some of you that have studied the chemistry of soap can help here. I have older customers who swear that the 'lye' in a plain, granny-type soap is their secret weapon against bee stings and other insect bites. They carry a bar of granny...
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    Hello from Parke Co Indiana

    I have been on here a couple weeks, but have neglected to introduce myself. My name is Karen, loving wife to Larry - my hero who started our soapmaking journey. In 2007, as we entered the highschool years of homeschooling our children, he also entered a stage where he wanted to stop buying...
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    What do you prefer for 'greasing' your molds?

    Hello all, I am new here and my first Q is for effective ways to 'grease' shaped, individual molds. For some of our soaps we use loaf mold lined with freezer paper - works well. But, we (and our customers!) also love shaped Goatmilk soaps molded in recycled 'cookies' packaging. We have been...