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    Crowd mentality & booth design

    Am currently at a festival where most of the crafts are inside a gym, set up in rows. I redesign my booth every year so far, and this year I thought my booth was looking the best I'd ever seen it. Cohesive, bright colors, lots of products, looking like a little shop. And I had good sales the...
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    Honey in soap?

    My dad keeps bees, so I was thinking of adding honey to a shampoo bar. Has anyone tried this? What was the effect? What does honey do for soap? Also may add molasses. Has anyone tried either of these?
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    What brand of tent should I get for outdoor shows?

    I currently have a Wenzel tent from amazon, but it leaks when it rains and the sides are a pain to put up and take down. I've looked at the EZ Up tents, but there are so many different kinds within that brand that I have no idea which one would be best. What tents do you all like/use? And where...
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    How do you like my display?

    I've been to a few shows now, mostly outdoors and I'm not making much more than the booth fee in sales. Is there something I can do to make my booth more enticing? Sent from my iPad using Soap Making
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    Charging sales tax in VA

    This summer, VA increased their sales tax to 5.3% . Before this, I had been including sales tax in the price of a bar( $5). It's cutting into my profits more now. I'm wondering if I should start adding on sales tax (so a $5 bar would cost $5.27). How many if you do this already? Also, if I...
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    Storing liquid soap

    Just wondering what you all use to store or sequester your liquid soap after its been diluted. I've been using canning glass jars but I'm running out. Is it safe to use plastic gallon jugs for this purpose or will the soap leech chemicals from the plastic? Any other suggestions? Sent from my...
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    oven finishing with cold process

    So, I got these plastic loaf molds off of someone on eBay. He told me they could be used for oven finishing cold process soaps. The problem is, I don't really know what all that entails or if it makes any difference in the final soap. Does anyone do this? I'm guessing you do a cold process as...
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    Glycerin method cloudiness after cooking

    I researched the heck out of this glycerin method before attempting it. I watched what seems to be the inky 2 videos about it on YouTube and I have Failor's book. I tried combining one if Failor's recipes ( percentages only b/c I didn't want to waste that much paste if it went awry) I used...
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    sustainable palm oil

    It's very difficult to find palm oil suppliers that are certified by the RSPO. Roundtable of Sustainable Palm Oil. Dies anyone know what suppliers out there are certified? Preferrably companies that sell in smaller quantities.