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    Oh no..... Sad day. What do I do!!!!

    Here I am making a lovely two color rose soap. I am layering it and it looks amazing. It's behaving very nicely. I am feeling really good about it and I look over and OH NO I FORGOT TO A THE REST OF THE COCONUT OIL. So bummed. What do I do? I made a three pound batch. (The four pound mold I got...
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    Hi Everyone (Firstbatch done...Questions)

    Hello I just finished my first batch.....and cut it! It looks beautiful...the colors muddied a little but it was a great first try. my question is: It seems to me that its a little cracky....Why does this happen? I am trying to figure out why before my next batch so i can fix it...
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    Hello everyone. I am a newbie to this fourm and to soap making I have not made my first batch yet but I am in the process of buying Everything I need. I do have a few questions. Where do you buy your colors? I have been looking On line but I am not sure where to buy from. What kind do...