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  1. Primrose

    SMF January 2022 Challenge - There's No Place Like Home

    Welcome to 2022 everyone! For the first challenge of the year, we will be making a soap based on the theme "There's No Place Like Home". This is an inspiration based soap - I want to see the soap that embodies "home" for you. It could be a colour scheme that reminds you of your home, it could be...
  2. Primrose

    SMF October 2021 challenge - Entry thread (butterfly hanger swirl)

    This is the entry thread for the October 2021 SMF Challenge - butterfly hanger swirl. Include a photo of at least 2 bars of soap from your batch, arranged in a mirror image to display the butterfly. You may include multiple bars in your entry photo, but all must be from the same batch. Please...
  3. Primrose

    SMF October 2021 challenge - butterfly hanger swirl

    Welcome to the October 2021 SMF Soap Challenge! This month's challenge is technique based - the butterfly hanger swirl. The butterfly swirl was created by Zahida of Handmade in Florida soaps. It involves an initial drop swirl pour, followed by a hanger swirl in a particular pattern. When cut...
  4. Primrose

    SMF April 2021 Challenge (Lollipop Swirl) Entry Thread

    This is the Entry thread for the SMF April 2021 Challenge - the Lollipop Swirl. Please post your entry photos in this thread. Please remember not to post your entry photos anywhere else until after the challenge is finished. You can not use any photos that you have shared elsewhere already. Your...
  5. Primrose

    I've bought a house!

    The last 4-6 weeks has been a crazy blurr. In October I packed up my whole life, left the job that I'd been in for ten years and loved, and moved 3hrs away from all my friends and surrogate family (my actual family is on the other side of the country - four days drive away). I moved from my...
  6. Primrose

    SMF April 2021 Challenge - Lollipop Swirl

    Welcome to the April 2021 SMF Soap Challenge. This month’s challenge is the Lollipop Swirl The Lollipop Swirl was created by Mater Sam in mid-2020, and exploded across facebook soap groups and internet forums for quite some time. I thought it would be fun to see it make its way to a SMF...
  7. Primrose

    Entry thread - November 2020 SMF challenge - string pull technique

    Apologies for the delay. Please post your entry photos here. You have until November 26th, 2020 at 11:59 pm GMT to submit your entry, so there is still plenty of time (please note - the closing date and time is GMT - I use this site Time Zone Converter – Time Difference Calculator to figure out...
  8. Primrose

    SMF November Challenge 2020 - String Pull Technique

    Welcome to the November 2020 SMF Soap Challenge. This month’s challenge is the String Pull Technique. PLEASE READ ALL RULES for the challenge. SMF Challenge General Rules 1. To enter you must have a minimum of 50 posts and have been a SMF member for a month (sorry but no exceptions on this)...
  9. Primrose

    Not soap

    Hello all, just thought I'd check in. Life has been, well life. Getting in the way of soaping and all things soap related sadly. Hope to get back to it soon. I had so many ideas for the welded challenge and didn't get to make any, but the entries were awesome! Well done to everyone Here are...
  10. Primrose

    Is lye soap a synthetic detergent?

    I'm curious to hear thought on this statement. The poster appears to suggest that because we use lab made sodium hydroxide, which is synthetic, we are not making soap, we are making synthetic detergents. I think a syndet is a different thing to a soap bar and I don't follow the logic here ...
  11. Primrose

    Emu oil soap

    Last September at an event I did there was a stall selling camel milk soap and a stall selling emu oil soap, so I swapped a bar of my goat milk soap with each of them. I actually then misplaced the emu oil soap and forgot all about it until earlier in the week when I stumbled upon it Oh my...
  12. Primrose

    SMF February 2020 Challenge (Ione Swirl) - entry thread

    This is the Entry Thread for the February 2020 SMF Challenge - Ione Swirl This thread is limited to challenge entries only. Please post all comments in the original challenge thread ( Thank you. Please post...
  13. Primrose

    SMF February 2020 challenge - Ione swirl

    Welcome to the February 2020 Soap Making Forum’s challenge. This month’s challenge topic is technique based – the “Ione Swirl”. This is a swirl created by Ione from Eve’s Garden Soaps; it has been discussed here on the forum a few times with IrishLass giving it the name “Ione Swirl”. Both Ione...
  14. Primrose

    Is a failed clarity test actually a problem?

    This is only my second attempt at LS. The first I did a CP method. It acts like soap but is dark, with a white milky layer on top, and thinner than I prefer I attempted a HP method today using a dual lye recipe. The paste doesn't zap, but dilutes milky. Is it actually a functional problem...
  15. Primrose

    Exotic fats that don't have SAP value

    What do you do when you want to play around with a bizarre fat but you can't find a SAP value? I'm getting some kangaroo tallow ...
  16. Primrose

    Might have to rethink my opinion on salt bars

    So I've made several variants of salt bars using the advice given on this forum ... and hated them all. Gave it a long (1 year) cure and still hated it. Wasnt sure whether I just didnt like salt bars, or if I'd made some bad salt bars. So I got some from a lady who makes and sells very popular...
  17. Primrose

    New baby

    Since my ex husband took custody of our dog when he left me, the house has been noticeably empty of canine companionship. Never mind the fact I have 3 cats a horse and about 20 goats hahahahaha Here's my new baby who will be coming home end of November. Tentatively named Lola for now
  18. Primrose

    8 day show debrief

    I am back from an 8 day show and my goodness I am a wreck. It was our state's Royal Agricultural Show and not only did I exhibit my dairy goats and coordinate the goat section as I have been doing for the past 6 years, this year I also came on as a 'commercial exhibit' with a stall for selling...
  19. Primrose

    Another reborn rim

    Similar to Kiwimoose, I threw my failed rim from the last challenge into a batch a few days ago. The FO has high vanillin so it will be fun to see this change colour
  20. Primrose

    Textured tops

    Is it weird that when I'm waiting for my soap to thicken in the mould to texture the top, that one end of the mould firms up quicker than the other? lol