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    Name Headaches!

    So... I've had a HORRIBLE time comin up with a soap co. name. I plan to do small scale craft fairs, etc. local and for presents. I have did research, made batches, and tested samples *by lettin people use them* for the past few months. Now, I need a name. Here are a few ... what do ya'll...
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    First batch a success!

    Lullin' Lavender Bastille Soap :) First time.. came out EXCELLENT :)
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    Using what I have.....

    As a frugal, extreme couponing (ok not like on TLC) chick I tend to like to use things I have on hand for projects. I've YET to make my first batch of soap because I am OCD on having EVERY material I want and learning ALL I can before DIVING into something and making a mess. Eventually, I'd love...
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    Making your own colorants?

    Anyone ever tried making their own natural colorants using things like blueberry juice, etc.? Just curious as I wanted to go as natural as possible.:!::!:
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    Lye Safety...

    So, I've gotten all my materials including safety glasses (to go over my glasses), arm length gloves, a mask, etc. and my lye. I have the correct types of containers for it, etc. Here is my question: Where do you mix your lye water? I had planned to do mine outside on the porch but we've been...
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    Does anyone here do HP soap?

    I know this is not the right forum (but couldn't find a HP forum). I am wanting to do a batch of HP to try and then do more on the CP end of things. I am trying to get a few batches done because I am chairwoman of a foundation through the NFT to get a woman on the heart transplant list so I want...
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    Hello from NC

    Hi, new "soaper" here. I've been interested for ages and used my first CP castille from a craft show a few months ago and have been hooked on the idea of making my own since. I have most of my supplies, a good knowledge of what I want to do, and the understanding that I will do my first few...