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    Tennessee Soap Social

    Oh wow!!! Let me just say I had a really good time! Paul and I did a demo on RTCP soap, it was a blast. Birdie did an excellent job at putting this whole shindig together! I can't believe she did it all by herself! I am volunteering my help for next years show! My mom said that she had a...
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    Anyone Miss the D-Fly??

    So I have been working on all kinds of good stuff around here. I am getting ready for a craft show on Sat the 3rd. I am taking a ton of soaps and b&b stuff. Also I have started working on towel cakes. I have a mom's day cake and a wedding cake I am taking to see what kind of response I get...
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    Ok here is batch number 3...I attempted a swirl but as you can see it just kinda blobbed...No big WHOOP but I am running out of space to cure soap :) This one will be called "Phoenix Sun" it is scented with Phoenix by Axe my boys love it!
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    For the REAL NEWBIES makin soap

    Here are a couple of sites I found with "Soap Making Kits" for those of us who have no clue as to what we really need to get started:
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    Dragonfly the CP soaper????

    First CP soap I ever made, thanks to the birdie on my shoulder Faithy for being there the whole time via IM. She saved me from exploding :) Here is the "before" pic :) Here it is in the mold: TOG ALL THE WAY BABY!!! Slid right out!!! Uh huh!!!! The Cut Bars
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    look what I found

    I have never heard of these but they are very cool
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    Lighten UP Y'all!!!

    Hey kids I have been noticing a lot of thickness in here! STOP IT!! I know that some of us are a little confused about what has been going on with our little family. Well let me shed some light on things, our family started out small, we are growing at an incredible rate. Now you all know...
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    Just got this if interested

    Dear Coastal Scents Subscriber, This weeks Friday Sale makes it fun shopping weekend for all of you. You can use the Coupon Code HEART in your shopping cart and you will receive $ 5.00 OFF any order of $ 50.00 or more and $ 10.00 OFF any order of $ 100.00 or more! If you are a forum or...
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    Geez it is next weekend already

    BUBBLE SPA!!!! When? February 9th, 2008 9:00am - ? Where? 33 N. Washington in Oxford, MI 48371 (North of Burdick St) Retail handmade bath and body products, Facials, Massage, Nails etc. Come in and thaw out with a cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate while you shop our one of a kind...
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    A Few Tips with M&P

    I am, by no means, a pro with M&P, but I have found a few things that help out. You can use almost anything for a mold!!! Rubbing Alcohol is your best friend, spray one layer of soap with alcohol to adhere next layer. I use alot!! Puddles :) If you don't like how it came...
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    Um...have we all noticed that it is in MARCH??????? what is going on???
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    Soap Party

    Um...what would I do at a soap party? Demonstrations: Give Aways: Games: HELP!!!!
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    Hey its the weekend again!! Soap Pot 1/18 - 1/20

    What are ya making, I am making reservations for the TN Soap Social!! Actually I need to make some foot balms and lotion bars but that is it! What is everyone else makin?
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    Primal Elements

    Um...anyone know if these are individual molds or loaf molds, with embeds? [img=] [img=]
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    Doe Anyone????

    Use dead sea mud for anything??? Just trying to decide if I want to add this to my line or not
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    Why Me?

    Ok my girlfriend started work at a salon, and brought in some of my products to show new clients. The manager of the salon was very interested in my stuff, so she asked me to bring in a display and a price list. I was so excited, I put together a very professional looking basket and proudly...
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    Here is what I woke up to

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    Happy New Year Australia

    Just watching the news, you guys have a great new year!!!! It is only 8am here in Michigan! Got a few more hours here!! Everyone be safe!!
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    African Black Soap

    If you order this in say 1lb weight, how do you prepare it? Melt it down, add stuff? HELP!
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    Who, besides me, is at work today?? UGH!!!!