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    1. Oh yes, it makes them sparkle! 2. No. 3. Only cosmetic safe / cosmetic grade glitter 4. Maybe, depends
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    Lotion Candles?

    I am not a wax/candle expert by any means. But, yesterday I was at the Renaissance Festival and came across a booth that was selling TONS of Lotion Candles. I have never heard of lotion candles, so you can imagine my double-take. The candles are made of shea butter and soy wax. You light it...
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    Misbehaving Bath Bombs

    Maybe try 91% alcohol with no bentonite clay. Is it possible that your ingredients are not fresh (maybe not past expiration, but not fresh fresh?) I think 91% rubbing alcohol may help, but just try it with a basic baking soda & citric acid recipe and go from there. Also, what kind of spray...
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    Divorce forces name change. Need your brain.

    Oh. Well then I guess that explains it. IDK about joshua tree products, I just thought it was very characteristic of where you are from.
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    Divorce forces name change. Need your brain.

    Joshua trees didn't make the brainstorming list?!
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    5lb Batch not setting up - HELP!

    You need way way more CO and way way less OO, thats all I can tell you without seeing pictures.
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    Walmart Now Has EOs!

    Tell us how it goes!
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    Nature's Garden FO Haul!

    Thanks for the info! I love cracklin birch OOB. Good to know about Cannabis Rose and buttercream (plastic-smelling soap? no thanks!) Again, thank you!
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    Nature's Garden FO Haul!

    My mom and I got a huge order in from Nature's Garden. It was such a big order that we decided to make a haul video Have any of you used any of these FOs? I read all the reviews before deciding & purchasing, but I was wondering what experiences...
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    Hanger tool

    These work awesome as an alternative to using a regular wire hanger or buying a special soaping hanger. They are super inexpensive, you can find them at Lowes/Home Depot/Walmart. I got the idea to use gear ties from...
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    Soaping 101 Study Hall Facebook Membership?

    Same, hope everything is ok with her!
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    Soaping 101 Study Hall Facebook Membership?

    Hi Guys, I've requested to join the Soaping 101 Study Hall group on Facebook, but my request has been pending for nearly a year! Is it closed forever?! Does anyone have any idea what is going on? Phoebe
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    Hi! New to SMF

    Hi all! I'm new to the forum (although I've been reading up on different topics here for about a year now) just wanted to give a great big hello! I'm starting a business with my brother and mother (it is a family venture!) We each have our own little niche, I love making CP soap. My mother...
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    Brynhilde from Norway says hi

    Welcome to the forum! xoxo - Phoebe
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    Hello everyone!!

    Welcome! - xoxo Phoebe
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    Easter is only 6 weeks away! So here's my Easter Soap!

    That is an explosion of "WOW!" Soooo cute! xoxo - Phoebe
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    Mica powder store in Houston? Anyone?

    Hey fellow Houston soaper! *waves* Unfortunately, I haven't found ANY (and I've looked high and low). What colors of mica are you looking for? xoxo - Phoebe
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    I was just in the mood to soap today!

    mmmm I could go for a pink berry mimosa right about now. xoxo - Phoebe
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    Lone Star candle supply

    I haven't tried them yet, but I am curious as well since I live in TX. xoxo - Phoebe
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    Brambleberry Sale - Ends August 5

    So many things I've purchased recently now on sale :cry: ohhhh well. xoxo - Phoebe