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    Sour smelling cocoa butter??

    Has anyone received unrefined cocoa butter that had, for lack of a better description, a scent with a sour top note? Some of the characteristic rich cocoa smell is there, but less pleasing than the other distributor I get it from. I just picked it up today, so it theoretically shouldn't be...
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    Kitchen cabinet soap ideas?

    Right now I have: Olive oil Rice bran oil Coconut oil Shea butter Cocoa butter I'm wondering if anyone has some ideas about percentages to use. I'd like the bar to last awhile without a crazy long cure time (or is that just wishing?). Sometimes my soap with shea doesn't last very long, but I...
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    Adding clay to lye water?

    Hello! I've read about adding clay to the lye water to intensify the color. I was wondering though, would the clay absorb some of the lye, and then in turn make the clay itself lye-heavy? I'm not sure about the chemistry regarding this and am hoping someone here may know (so I don't...
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    Green color in Oatmilk soap?

    Hi, I've run into something with my oatmilk soap that I haven't had happen before, and would love any insight. :) I made a hot process soap using oatmilk and oats. I used 50% of the water amount for the lye. The other 50% I subbed with oatmilk, added to the pre-lye oils. This is 24...