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  1. Second Impression

    Setting sun

    Yes the sky is green. NOT what I thought "aqua pearl" was going to look like soaped but eh, it works! Hey R&R, don't make the sky green like me! :-) Moved to photo gallery
  2. Second Impression


    I made a soap last week with layers that had to be poured in multiple batches. Basically, poured the bottom layer one day (CPOP) then the top layer the next day (CPOP). Unmolded 24 hours after the top layer and cut after another 24 hours. My bars seem like they want to come apart between the two...
  3. Second Impression

    You might be a soaper if... ask your 2 year old daughter what she's cooking in her play kitchen and she says "Not now Mommy, I'm busy making soap!" Yep, I'm raising that one well! No distractions while soaping and she even had her safety gear on: oven mitts and a fire fighter's hat ;)
  4. Second Impression

    Mint in the oven

    Made a CPOP batch...scented with Peppermint EO. Now, I love me some super strong mint. Like, 3% minimum of base oils. If my skin isn't feeling a little tingly on the rinse, it's just not strong enough (this batch is *mine*, no give aways to friends or family!). And I was maybe feeling impatient...
  5. Second Impression

    Stick blender making lots of bubbles

    I bought a $20 Hamilton Beach hand blender and have mixed 2 batches with it. Both wound up with lots and lots of itty bitty bubbles in the batter. I knocked the air out of the bell when submerging it and before pulsing it. But after each pulse its full of air again! Gahh! I'm only pulsing for a...
  6. Second Impression

    Hi from Maryland!

    Hi everyone! I'm Emily from Maryland. I've been soaping for about 2 years now and am totally addicted. After giving out my CP soaps for Christmas, now my family and hubby's coworkers are also hooked and demanding that I make more to sell to them. I never expected so much support for my hobby...