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  1. DawninWA

    All these little orange spots

    I don't think this is DOS. The soap is not done curing, it's 3 weeks old. Must be from the poppy seeds? Maybe they had some debris? Or the fragrance. Recipe is 50% lard, 25% each coconut and Safflower (HO), 6% superfat. Dragon Fruit fragrance from Aztec, same red mica I've used for a...
  2. DawninWA

    Not sure what I just made

    It does appear to be soap though, so that's a good sign :thumbs:. I mixed my lye solution, the (brand new) scale was jumping around a bit, but nothing too bad, I thought it was weighing normally. When I got to my oils, I put the lard in, then I had to get something, when I came back, it was...
  3. DawninWA

    New bunny, maybe

    I have a neutered male rabbit named Basil who needs a friend, so I've been on the lookout for a female that needs a home. I found a post on the local lost and found pets Facebook page. Someone found a rabbit, but had to go out of town real soon and it was in a rubbermaid tote. So I offered to...
  4. DawninWA

    Tried out a new display

    I decided to try a more simple approach and just put the soap on the table in rows. People liked it, and I had a very good day. Usually, I'd be using just one table, but my sister didn't set up, so I used her space too. I have more varieties than I thought.
  5. DawninWA

    Great Value shortening changed

    I went to get more yesterday and the ingredient label has lard and soybean oil along with the tallow. I don't think it has palm anymore. Anyway, this is just a heads up, since it's in soapcalc as the old formula. I don't know if it's different enough that it would change much in soapcalc, but...
  6. DawninWA

    Today's holiday craft bazaar

    Well that was a waste of time :p My display was pretty and easy to read, soap was accessible, signs were legible. I was friendly, and engaging, and wore my new craft show/market shirt that says: Addicted to Handmade Soap (But I'm trying to get clean). I sold no soap, only 2 soap dishes...
  7. DawninWA

    Getting ready to make my first liquid soap

    I've been making soap for 4 years, and I want to venture into liquid soap. I have 2 lbs of KOH coming on Friday. I want to use Palm Kernel Oil flakes, HO Safflower oil, and shea butter. I also have olive oil, coconut oil, Great Value shortening, cocoa butter, palm oil and lard, I'd rather...
  8. DawninWA

    First Farmers Market day of the summer

    My display isn't huge, but it's a very small market. I did well, sold more than I sold most weeks last year. Last year, I had a set price, $4 per bar. This year, the bars are bigger and have better packaging, so they're $5 or 5 for $20. I started pricing like that during the holiday bazaars...
  9. DawninWA

    New Coffee Soap

    Pretty happy with how this turned out. Scented with Crafter's Choice "coffee mocha" scent.
  10. DawninWA

    My first go at cavity molds

    I hate cutting soap, so I finally just bought some cavity molds. I think I need to refigure my recipe amounts. :). The first one has lime and orange essential oils, with a little arrowroot powder to hopefully help anchor the scent like cornstarch is supposed to. I hope it works, because...
  11. DawninWA

    What might this be?

    I don't know how to google this, because you ask about bubbles on soap and you get stuff about how bubbly a soap is. Anyway I made it yesterday afternoon. Cut today, less than 24 hours. These bubbles (?) showed up right after cutting, and aren't liquid on the surface, nor do they...
  12. DawninWA

    Something dumb that I'm thrilled about.

    I found out that my batch of olive oil bar soap will liquefy without turning to snot (I've tried with several different commercial soaps, some liquefy well, some turn to snot). This makes me very happy since I love liquid castile soap but don't really want to make it (I like cold process, no...
  13. DawninWA

    Coffee and/or Cocoa Powder, scent?

    If I were to make a cold process soap with cocoa powder and coffee, would it smell like a mocha? :) Or just anywhere near that? How about if I make one without those and throw a bunch of spices in it (cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, etc)? Do I need fragrance or EOs in order to scent it...
  14. DawninWA

    Castile soap swirls?

    This is only my second batch of soap, but this doesn't seem normal. I made this Sunday, and cut it today (tuesday). It is castile soap, made with EVOO, superfat 5%, no fragrances or essential oils or anything else. Is it supposed to be swirly? I like the effect, but I don't...
  15. DawninWA


    It worked! I made my first batch of peppermint rosemary hopefully shampoo bars. Or at least soap. It looks and smells like ice cream. I think I attached a photo, but I'm not positive it worked, I've never posted one from my phone before. Photo moved from other thread Ok, picture should be here
  16. DawninWA

    Did I make soap?

    Ok, so I think I made soap :). Problem is, instead of melting the oils (lard and castor, going for cheap the first time around, in case I messed it up), I just used the microwave to bring them to 110ish degrees. It was soft, but not completely melted. So when I added the lye, it was already...