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  1. dillsandwitch

    Body Mist %

    Since Avon decided to shut down i have been very sparsely using my last bottle of body mist that I purchased right before they shut down. The other day DH suggested that I could make my own as I have all the "smelly stuff" as he calls my FO cabinet and I thought why the hell not? I have done a...
  2. dillsandwitch

    Making dye chips help

    I'm thinking of making up some soy melt "kits" for my nieces & nephews for Christmas presents this year as they can be fun to make and only need a little bit of adult help. I was thinking of making up some dye chips for them to use as it will be less messy than the liquid dye I use when making...
  3. dillsandwitch

    YouTube soap makers - oh the cringe

    Been watching a certain YouTube channel that specializes in one thing but has a few videos of him making soap. I wont mention the name of this guy in case hes on here as the main videos he makes are top notch. Oh but his soap videos. I just cant watch more than the 1 and 1/2 that I watched...
  4. dillsandwitch

    I also have a new puppy

    One of the reasons I haven't been around a lot lately. I had forgotten how much work a new puppy can be. Oh but is it good to have a dog in the house again. DH and I were going to wait until we were in our new house before getting a new dog but as it had already been a year since we lost Axle...
  5. dillsandwitch

    Problems unmoulding soy melts

    So I have recently gotten into making soy melts. Man they are so fun and easy to make. And my house smells even better than it normally does. :D Anyhoo the issue I'm having is when unmoulding the melts from my moulds the corners are sticking and breaking off. Moulds are these...
  6. dillsandwitch

    Crumbly bottoms on soap

    So lately whenever I have made any soaps I'm getting crumbly bottoms when I cut. Its driving me nuts. I dont know why its suddenly started doing it. Must be the soap gremlins have found a new home. Recipe is 60% Tallow, 25% RBO, 10 CO, 5% castor. SF 5% 33% lye concentration, Aloe juice as half...
  7. dillsandwitch

    Beer Question

    Do I have to use the stronger more syrupy beers in order to make beer soaps? I bought 6 375ml bottles of stout beer for $20 the other day and reduced it down to about 400ml. This seems like it could get a tad expensive if I was to make this a regular thing. Can I use the cheeper more waterier...
  8. dillsandwitch

    Adding Shea Butter to recipe

    Okay so I have never used Shea butter before but I decided to order some when I was ordering some FO's today. This is my usual recipe that I use and I have thought about swapping out some of the tallow for Shea. maybe 10%. Just looking for some feedback from those who regularly use Shea butter...
  9. dillsandwitch

    Replacement wire for cutter

    I have a tank style cutter that I purchased from a guy in the US and I have busted a wire on it. You think I can find the spare ones I bought with it? Anyhoo I messaged the guy and he said he used .022 guitar strings. My question is what note string do I want for that? is .022 the diameter of...
  10. dillsandwitch

    My Mould Experiment

    So I had an idea last week that instead of always having to line my moulds what would happen if I put some plain old gutter silicone on them. Here is a link to the pics: Sorry if some of them are not the best quality. My phone is old and has a crapy camera. Pretty...
  11. dillsandwitch

    Laundry Soap Question

    Before I embark on the make my own laundry soap wagon I have a couple of questions I'd like answered if at all possible. I was thinking of 100% CO. First things first. Will my homemade soap be as good or better as a commercial one in cleaning power? The reason I ask this is both DH and I are...
  12. dillsandwitch

    Troubleshooting needed

    Okay so its been a while (several months) since I've had a chance to make soap. I got a spare 2 hours to myself today and decided to make some loaves. I made 4 loaves with fragrances that I have used in the past and all behaved. The trouble I'm having is in the loaves I made today I can see...
  13. dillsandwitch

    Liquid candle dyes question

    My little yet taller brother has really gotten into making candles lately. I was thinking of getting him some supples for Christmas but I have a couple of questions before I purchase them. With the liquid dyes do you need to use much to get a decent colour to the wax? I was thinking of getting...
  14. dillsandwitch

    Troubleshooting warping bars

    Howdy all, I was in my soap room (back room of the house) the other day and I noticed that some of my bars that are curing have warped. Just wondering if anyone can help me figure out whats the cause of it. We have had some really up and down weather lately so I'm wondering if it could be...
  15. dillsandwitch

    What sort of wax for pillar candles?

    Ive been thinking of making my own pillar candles for a little while now. What is the best wax to use for pillar candles? I can get soy wax, soy/paraffin container blend, blending palm wax, Ecosoya Pillar Blend Soy Wax. TIA Dill
  16. dillsandwitch

    Well tomorrow is the day

    When my 5 year old Rotti gets his biopsy done to see if he had bone cancer or not. I'm so nervous and worried but kind of resolved at the same time. Its an odd feeling. I'm hoping that the vet is wrong about what was on the xrays and its just a weird spot caused by rapid growth when he was a pup...
  17. dillsandwitch

    Lining moulds alternative

    I have already grown tired of using baking paper for lining my wooden moulds. I am looking at getting some mylar sheets to create liners with. Only thing is I have no idea if what I'm looking at purchasing will work. Here is the description from the website of what I am looking at. Can anyone...
  18. dillsandwitch

    Another Masterbatching Question.

    I didn't want to hijack he other thread on masterbatching with my own question so hence the new topic. I buy my tallow from Coles/Woolworths/IGA whichever I happen to be at at the time. It comes in little 500gm blocks that are stored in the fridge isle with the butters. If I masterbatch this...
  19. dillsandwitch

    new mould. oil amount check

    Hi All, I built a new log mould today and I just want to make sure im doing the math right for the amount of oils needed to fill it. It is 620mm long, 90mm wide and 95mm high. So I went in cm for the math bit. 62x9x9.5 x.4 = 2120.4 So if my math there is correct it should hold 2120gms of...
  20. dillsandwitch

    Coming over to the lard side

    Okay so I bit the bullet and bought some of the $4.50 for 250gm blocks :S of lard from Coles so I can see what all this hype about Lard soaps is. I was going to try this recipe. Anyone please adjust any of my numbers if you think it would be better. Hopefully I will get a chance to give this a...