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    Target heart-shaped molds being sold this year?

    I'd love to get two more of the silicone heart molds (6 cavities, cupcake-sized) but my Target didn't have any. (I previously bought them in the dollar/cheapo/seasonal spot near the entrance) If anyone sees them at their Target, let me know and I'll try mine again or call around. Thanks!
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    Hold my hand as we explore the pigpen...(lard soap)

    Hi, everyone: I had a really bad experience with a tallow soap, but all the good stuff people have said about lard and tallow soaps has made me rethink them, and I want to try them (I think). But I still want to ask some questions. People talk about how a "piggy" smell often/sometimes...
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    Shipping soaps in winter (frozen soap)

    I'm wondering which is better advice to avoid condensation marring the soap's appearance: for the receiver to open the box right away and put the soaps in front of a fan, or to let the box stay closed and warm up slowly, much like paper manufacturers recommend? (but do paper manufacturers...
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    OMG! A RETURN customer!

    So, after many years of making soap I finally started selling it. I did two craft shows in December, one of which was quite a disappointment (although I made my booth fee back, that doesn't mean I didn't take a loss on materials, etc.) Well, someone who purchased from me at the disappointing...
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    A way to smooth salt soap before giving/selling?

    I make salt soaps in individual molds as well as a loaf mold, and as we all know, the edges can be very rough from the salt crystals. Has anyone developed a way to pre-smooth the soap--without bathing with it? :D Also...samples. I will have samples of soap at an upcoming craft fair, and I...
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    Security at the craft fair--questions questions questions

    Hi all, I'm about to do my first craft fair, a multi-day one with setup the day before, and I'm wondering some really basic things: Do I set up and take down all my stock every day and take it home, or might there be security at some craft fairs that keeps watch and people keep their stuff...
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    Does anyone master batch EO blends?

    I'm interested in doing this but I'm not sure whether the different oils separate out and if so how quickly. I realize that EOs are blended into perfumes (or used to be) so of course stored as a blend in the perfume bottle, so I don't think one EO will affect another, but the fact that some...
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    Laser printer for labels...right?

    I think (for selling) I need to laser print the labels that might smudge, particularly lib balm and other oily things? And I know that inkjet soap labels can run in moist environments. But I've just been reading that laser doesn't look that great (at least in terms of printing brochures and...
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    My ad--How to lure people to the top floor

    Hi everyone: I signed up for my first craft fair. It has 700 vendors and 3 levels, there were only a few spots left so I'm on the top. The organizer was honest about it being quieter (and the booth price was lower) so I'm doing an ad in the program to try to get traffic. There are a couple...
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    Aldi has silicone molds again

    They are $2.99 each and very shiny on the inside! Loaf pans are 5x9," square is 9x9" and they also have cupcake and round pans. Probably the loafs would need to be surrounded by something to keep them from bowing, I did that with other loaf pans.
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    Blue scent brainstorming

    I really want to make a deep blue soap using my indigo, and I'm stumped on an EO blend that is "blue." Any ideas? I keep getting stuck on the idea of water, or air, with no ideas of what EOs go with that concept. I have made a very pale blue salt bar scented with "Ice" EO blend...
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    Those of you who use tank-like wire cutters....

    I'm making one for myself, but when I got it put together well enough to use, it couldn't cut through the soap loaf. I thought it's because it took me a day or two more than I'd planned to get it put together, so the soap was too stiff. However when I used my knife to cut it, it cut...
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    Sharing my spreadsheet of EO prices

    I recently spent way too much time looking up EO prices and deciding who to order from. I thought I'd share the research in case it can help someone else. A few of the prices are sale prices and I believe I marked them as such, I don't know when they'll end. But any of these prices could...
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    I don't want to look like a crummy copycat

    I'm trying to find a craft show to do, it will be my first one. I came across one with 600 booths, and not a bad price for the size of it. I searched the current vendors and there are two soapmakers already. I was thinking 1. Having 3 out of 600 vendors be soapmakers is still great, right...
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    A better plan for storing palm? (coconut too)

    I recently bought more palm and more coconut, the 50lb pails (or something like that). Getting the entire pail of palm melted sucked a lot. (It was even harder than the last time). I poured it into smaller containers, going for nice strong things like empty vinegar jugs. (Why yes, I've had...
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    Balms/Salves -- screw-top tin?

    I'm trying to decide whether balms (semi-solid mixtures of beeswax, solid butter and oil) should be in screw-top tins for selling. Do you think that makes it less likely to leak if put foolishly close to a heat source or put in a pocket? The other option I'm considering has tops that slide on...
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    glycerin liquid soap--avoiding melting the stick blender

    Hi all: I'm eager to try making liquid soap and the glycerin method seems easy and fast. However, I've read the warnings and laments about plastic stick blenders melting in the glycerin. Does it have to be that hot? I already have a backup stick blender in plastic. I'd rather spend $ on...
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    Oven hot process, sodium lactate, and herbal colorants--Qs

    Hi, everyone: I've made CP soap for several years (just a few batches a year) and I've switched to oven hot-process. (so I can use less EO, don't have to wait for cure, and so at least my green plant additives keep their color.) In letting the finished soap cool so my EO would not flash...
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    Palmarosa EO scent

    Hi, everyone: I've ordered Palmarosa from Camden-Grey twice. 1st time was just to experiment with something new, and we found it was a very woodsy scent that we mixed with something, then ignored. Years later I read that Palmarosa is supposed to have a floral scent, which was not what I...