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  1. Rusti

    SoapCalc down?

    I mean, there's plenty of ways around it, including the new calculator being worked on linked in the announcements banner, but does anybody have a clue as to what's going on with Soapcalc? It's been down for days (weeks?).
  2. Rusti

    WSP Fruit Loops

    Has anyone ordered it recently? I sent them a message this morning but I thought I'd ask you guys. I think either they reformulated or I got a big mix-up with the correct label. The FO I used in my loaf of soap last night does NOT smell like the Fruit Loops oil I used around this time last year...
  3. Rusti

    Rustic Escentuals "Autumn Rain"

    Do one of the other online stores carry a comparable scent to RE's Autumn Rain? It's the only one I'd be reordering from RA/AH, and I'm not interested in paying $20 for shipping for just one scent. I go regularly to WSP and BB, but could also make a bigger order from FragranceBuddy.
  4. Rusti

    Liability Insurance

    I'm on the cusp of purchasing liability insurance before my first comic con/show in a couple of weeks and just received a quote from my own insurance agent, that appears to be almost exactly the same thing (there are just one or two variations I can spot) in coverage limits between his quote and...
  5. Rusti

    Fossilized Amber EO

    So I've been working on fandom scent blends and have found precisely the scent I want to use for a blend in Eden's Fossilized Amber EO 5%. Has anyone ever used it in soap? Does it stick? Does it morph or accelerate or any of that fun stuff? I mean, obviously I'm going to be doing a test batch...
  6. Rusti

    Whipped Body Butters in the Summer

    So, for the moment I'm making some whipped butters and those have been a big winter hit, but I'm thinking about summer-time and shipping. If you offer whipped anhydrous butters through the summer, do you just not ship them, ship them with an ice pack or ship them with a warning that they'll need...
  7. Rusti

    Glitter cups

    I have found another crafting fun thing that's almost as addictive as soap! Glitter tumblers! I've practiced on a little cheap cup from the Dollar Tree and have moved up to my first real steel tumbler and have put in the work to source a lot of things for them. I expect I'll be making a few to...
  8. Rusti

    Do you do essential oils?

    I did my first little show/fest thing today here in our tiny little podunk town. I made back my $20 table fee, but I know I didn't get paid for my time. Little bit more than I actually expected to do, considering our town, but it was a way to get 'out there'. I would just like to facepalm...
  9. Rusti

    Shrink Wrap and Whipped Body Butter

    So I've to some double walled jars and got the bands to go with them. They shrink well enough I suppose with a hair dryer, but we also have a heat gun I can use. The concern that I have, though, is that inside these jars is whipped butter. Is the heat from the hair dryer or heat gun while I...
  10. Rusti

    Eee! (soap cutter)

    My mommy got me a Bud Haffner soap cutter for my birthday (it came a month late, but hey, you can't rush good craftsmanship; and also, she likes to put stuff off at the last minute)! I got this one...
  11. Rusti


    I get a lot of 2oz bottles of fragrances to try out (slowly building my collection of larger bottles of scent though) and use about an ounce and a half in my batches of soap. What do you guys do when you have a half ounce or less of a fragrance? Do you make little things of perfume (solid or...
  12. Rusti

    Glow in the Dark Soap

    For the curious!
  13. Rusti

    Vanilla Color Stabilizer

    I've never used it before, but got the Fruit Loops fragrance from WSP and read that it discolored a little bit and thought I would try a new adventure and ordered the stabilizer to try. Normally I don't mind discoloration - I end up just not coloring the soap and letting it turn whatever color...
  14. Rusti

    Powder Sprayers

    I'm not even sure which section of the forum this belongs in, so as I would be using one to decorate soap, I'll go with this one (and not be upset if it is moved). Has anyone gotten one or three of those mica sprayer things that all the suppliers seem to be offering now and tried them out for...
  15. Rusti

    NaOH Question

    So, I was recently gifted a bunch of things from a friend who decided she didn't want to soap anymore, and among those things was several 2lb buckets of NaOH from Camden Gray. I went to feel of them yesterday and seems the beads had clumped, but broke up fairly easily when I squeezed the tubs...
  16. Rusti

    Soap varieties

    So, those of y'all that sell, how many different soap recipes do you use, do you price them all the same if you do use a variety or do you try to clearly market each bar as different so customers aren't confused as to why the bars are priced different and don't just go for the cheapest one all...
  17. Rusti

    The problem with old pets

    is that the 'old' part eventually winds down to an end and you're never quite prepared. My little 19 year old cat had one side of her face swollen this morning so I got her in to the vet and left with antibiotics and the echo of what's been on my mind for the last couple of years having been...
  18. Rusti

    Discovering Neons

    We've had a break from the summer weather so I wanted to do something a little fall-ish and fell back to 'Halloween'. I had a 2oz sampler of WSP's Witches Brew and some neons I got a couple of months ago that I hadn't used yet, so I went nuts. Inside is a drop swirl and I kind of can't wait to...
  19. Rusti

    Custom Kraft Boxes

    Has anyone had experience with this retailer?: Looking around for ideas for soap packaging and came across them. They have a giant selection!
  20. Rusti

    First milk soap

    Just finished cleaning up after getting it in the mold. Made it with some manager's special goat's milk in the carton from Kroger. We'll see how it goes. It's a blue milk soap (har! Star Wars fans will get it, at least) and I used WSP's amber and incense (or amber incense, I'd have to get up...