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  1. TheGecko

    Soap weight

    Yes, it can be very confusing because some things are based on Weight of additives, some are based on Total Batch how much does a mold hold. And the reason for using Weight of Oils is because not everyone uses the same Lye Concentration and FOs/EOs can vary by usage...
  2. TheGecko

    Finding authentic N95 masks

    I found them at Home Depot. The 3M ones are a little more expensive than some of the other, but it is a trusted brand.
  3. TheGecko

    Is this soap base organic ??

    You have two different products…Shea Butter and Melt & Pour. You can use Shea Butter (but I wouldn’t use that) in Cold or Hot Process Soap, Body Butters, Lotion Bars and Lotions, but you cannot use it in Melt & Pour. Melt & Pour is pre-made soap. It contains extra ingredients so it can be...
  4. TheGecko

    Ebay suspension no reason given

    What's the worst they can do to you...suspended your account? Oh, they already did. :) FYI - If it makes you feel better about lying in order to talk to someone who can actually help you, PayPal...which is owned by eBay, is looking at a class-action lawsuit for unlawful business practices.
  5. TheGecko

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    It’s only a 12.5 oz batch of oils so I’m not too terribly worried if it doesn’t work out…it’s something on soap bucket list. If I dislike too much, I have a bunch of empty FO bottles and would happily share with anyone else who wants to try. I didn’t buy a whole lot, 2-15 fl oz jars; fair trade.
  6. TheGecko

    Hello felliw soapmakers,

    Welcome from the South of the border...USA. LOL
  7. TheGecko

    Melting mango butter?

    I melt all my butters on low heat.
  8. TheGecko

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    I haven't made soap since September...always something coming up, but I WILL make soap this weekend!!! I have two UNOPENED boxes of FOs and a new column mold to try out. I need to a custom soap with 1920s Barbershop for a customer and figured this would perfect to do a Lollipop Swirls with...
  9. TheGecko

    Next few thingies

    One of my plans for this weekend as I finally bought a column mold. Which I wouldn't have done except I had gotten a Gift Certificate.
  10. TheGecko

    Workshop Heritage soap cutter

    You shouldn't fudge or force anything. Give WH time to respond or call them.
  11. TheGecko

    Is it Soda Ash? Unincorporated Coconut Milk Powder? or something else?

    I have a clothes steamer (so much faster than ironing).
  12. TheGecko

    pomegranate CP bar soap acting STRANGE! Help needed!

    (sigh) PLEASE take what I'm about to say as CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. I WANT you to love soap making. I WANT you to excel and be successful as a soap maker, whether as a hobby or a business. Probably even more so as a business because bad soap reflects badly on everyone else. Put down the stick...
  13. TheGecko

    Ebay suspension no reason given

    Speaking of making meth...there was a story on the news last night that because of the rash of 'homemade bombs'...we can expect those who purchase their Sodium Hydroxide (aka 'drain cleaner' from hardware stores to start getting scrutinized by the FBI and Homeland Security. We can expect that...
  14. TheGecko

    Disposing lye

    Yes. Commercial drain cleaner is made with Sodium Hydroxide. Without getting into my long, sorry tale of substandard plumbing woes and the big hoe under my lower driveway (which should be fixed this summer), I make up two gallons of 35% Lye Solution every three months and pour it down our...
  15. TheGecko

    Ebay suspension no reason given

    Those so-called 'algorithms' are the reason I don't post much on FB. I have two warnings for supposedly "violating community standards". If anyone had actually read the posts, they would have seen that I didn't, and while I can understand that there are probably millions of posts that get...
  16. TheGecko

    Ebay suspension no reason given

    She mentions that she they did, but she thought it was a scam.
  17. TheGecko

    Ebay suspension no reason given

    I would call.
  18. TheGecko

    Ebay suspension no reason given

    It's entirely possible that someone spoofed your email to open a fraudulent account and caused all sorts of problems and because you rarely use eBay, it's just easier to shrug you off than deal with the headache.
  19. TheGecko

    Moving up

    Wow...okay...that makes total sense. On one hand I feel like an idiot for not questioning it myself since I know that if you're adding say, more than a tablespoon of a liquid like pumpkin puree to a pound of oils you need to subtract it from your water, but on the other hand I use a soap...
  20. TheGecko

    Adding flowers

    I thought it would be cool to put whole coffee beans on my Chocolate Espresso soap. It really did look cool. And then I used it in the shower and now I had coffee beans to dispose off. Not a super huge deal…I just put them on the side of the tub. Forgot about them until the next time I...