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    Bamboo FO

    I love the smell of Bamboo, but it’s a little floral for me. Does anyone have a blend I could try to lesson the floral part of it? I want it to smell manly. Thank you!
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    Olive Oil or Hemp Seed

    So I want to get a base that is nourishing and I’m not sure which one to get. I know hemp seed has olive oil in it, but what is the difference? Also, I really don’t want the soap to be too transparent, what can I use in it so it will be a little more opaque. Thank you in advance!
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    More Lather

    So I am new to MP. I’m starting to figure out the fragrances I like but I don’t know what to include to make my soap have more lather. Also, how do I make the soap last longer? Thank you in advance!