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    Bath Tea

    I'm preparing to make a few different bath teas this week and i'm wondering if any of you have any favorite ingredients you like to use. I'm also wondering about how popular bath teas (either loose, or tea bags) have been for you all. Do you sell a lot or do you find people aren't that...
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    Hi from Florida

    Hi there! Im Derrick and im a soap maker in North Florida. Been making and selling soap for about 6 years now. Ive posted in the forum a couple of times but thought I should come and introduce myself.
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    Jelly Soap Experience

    I recently tested several jelly soap recipes and have a had great success. I have found that they keep their gelatin consistency as long as they aren't in direct sunlight. The few i left in direct sunlight to see how they reacted would melt after a while but solidified again as soon as they...