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    Soaping withdrawals... and a facial soap...

    Oh dear gods...withdrawal scales died....waiting for the new set to be delivered....yet-unmade soaps have begun haunting my dreams at night...
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    Has anyone used craft foam to line molds?

    Craft foam sounds interesting, but I haven't had any problems just using cut up plastic garbage bags to line my wooden moulds with :)
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    Cream Soap Making Group and Info

    Hello all! I've developed a fascination with cream soaps - the fluffy variety you store in cute jars. However, it seems to be a tightly held secret, and certainly there are few sites discussing it openly. There is a yahoo group for cream soap-making, which those few sites who do fleetingly...
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    Shea Butter Making Soap Feel 'Gritty'?

    That's what I did wrong! Thank you so much :)
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    lining wooden molds - part 2

    What a fantastic guide! Thank you for sharing. Far nicer than my 'shove-the-greaseproof-paper-in-and-force-it-roughly-into-place' technique!
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    Shea Butter Making Soap Feel 'Gritty'?

    Hi all Ok so I've made a couple batches of soap with unrefined shea butter. They blend great, they look great (other ingredients are raw organic cocoa butter, virgin coconut oil, organic castor oil and extra virgin olive oil), BUT the instant you use them in water, they feel 'gritty', much like...
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    E-wax vs BTMS

    BTMS-25 definitely gives a 'way too dry' feeling, leaving you wondering whether you just moisturized or not!
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    questions about colloidal oatmeal

    Sorry to necro an old post, but I came across it and thought I'd add my two cents worth. Colloidal oatmeal, the kind Aveeno and other companies make, is ground from oat groats - which are the whole oat, minus the outer shell, which in no way remotely resembles anything called 'porridge' or...
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    My Past 3 Weeks of Soaping, pull up a chair...

    Beautiful soaps! And how clever are you, making your own wood moulds? You've inspired me to make my own, especially since they almost cost an arm and a leg to buy in Aus - plus the other arm and a leg for postage, leaving you nothing to work with! lol.
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    Quick dissolving soap problem

    May I ask what oils you used and at what %, or was it a glycerine soap base you were working with? Glycerine soaps can be notorious for 'sweating', but I've not come across the problem with the regular cp soaps I've made (although I have often wondered if it could occur in humid, tropical...
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    I need your help!

    With the poppy seeds, I'd be more inclined to sprinkle them on top, rather than incorporating into the soap, but that's just personal preference - and a decorative desire :) As for the goats milk, the only milk I use is organic coconut milk. If I were to replicate their recipe (without the...
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    Hair Conditioner Recipe

    Not sure about 'natural', since all 'raw ingredients' are handled/processed in some way, even if only removing from a plant and packaging, but I use a very simple basic hair conditioner recipe from Aussie Soap Supplies, which you can play around with: ...
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    Gift Packaging ideas

    I tend to use cheap, shallow boxes (the sort that look like what perfume sets are sold in) which I buy from el-cheapo $2 shops, and then I line it with some wood 'wool', lay my products on top (usually a couple of handmade soaps, a dry body oil and sugar scrub in a Malibu Tube) and then 'shrink...
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    sugar scrubs

    Hello fellow gloop 'n' glop creationists! Just joined this informative forum after being a 'lurker' for a while, and coming across this particular discussion, to which I really wanted to add my 'two cents worth'. I know some (including my supplier) may frown at me for using PS20 in sugar...