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    Is this ricing?

    Hi, I just umolded yesterday's batch and got this., Is it ricing? And can I do anything about it?
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    Hair soap and acne

    Hi, I know a lot of people make soap to wash their hair and a lot of people tell them that is a bad idea. I wanted to add an observation I've made. My daughter has been battling acne since she was 11. We finally got it under control about a year ago with the help of some medication but about...
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    Taking too long to come to trace....and broke my stick blender

    I just burnt out my stick blender. Now I'm going to have to go out in the germs and get another one. I think I was blending for about 20minutes (at least) before the poor thing gave up the ghost. What am I doing wrong?
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    Is this OK?

    Hi Pundits, I'm in the midst of making my Christmas soap. Batch 1 went pretty well, but batch 2, which was exactly the same recipe, but I forgot to put the salt and sugar in, behaved very differently. It took forever to come to trace, and in the end, I put it in the molds at quite a light...
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    It went rancid

    I made about 80 cakes for Christmas at the beginning of the year thinking that would be clever because it would have time to cure but now it smells horrible, as if the fragrance oil went rancid. One was peppermint and eucalyptus and now it smells like koala poo . Why????
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    Should I be making Christmas soap now?

    Hi, I've just been posting about making a harder bar of soap and it occurred to me that one thing that makes soap harder is curing time. I have a bar from the very first batch I ever made and that it almost a year old now, and has got quite hard. So if that's what I like, should I be...
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    A harder, bubblier soap

    Hi, I made some soap before christmas which we really like, 4% Avocado OIl 15% CO 15% Lard 8% Macadmia 58% OO But I'd like a harder, bubblier soap and after playing about with soap calc I came up with 80%lard 5% castor oil 15% CO Soapcalc says Hardness 45, Cleansing 11, Condition 48...
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    Is 2.6% FO enough?

    Hi, I'm thinking of buying the brambleberry top 10 sampler kit which contains 10ml of each scent. My mold holds 345g of oil. If FO is about 8.88g/ml (i.e. 8.88g per sample bottle) then that works out at 2.6% FO in a batch. Is that enough? It's less than the brambleberry calculator says...
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    Sticky! Did I do something wrong?

    Hi, I'm not terribly experienced at making soap, but I think all the batches I've made have been pretty firm 24 hours after making them. The latest batch is now 36 hours old and it's very sticky, like pizza dough that's too wet, or something. My recipe is 4% avocado oil 15% coconut...
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    Should I just buy a cavity mold

    Hi Lovely Soapers, I just unmolded my 2nd batch of soap (woo hoo!) from the mold I made from coroflute. Now I'm wondering, why don't I buy a silicone cavity mold from ebay and save myself a lot of bother. Then I'd have consistenly sized soaps that would come out easily from the mold (the...
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    Should I make a 500ml mold

    Hi Lovely Soapers, last week I made my first soap (yay!) using a 1 litre milk carton. This week I'm thinking of making a mold out of the that corrugated plastic stuff they use for signs. But ... I have all these ideas for soap running about...
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    Cypress soap?

    Hi, after my triumphant first soap batch on the weekend I'm now taking suggestions from the family for the next experiment. My daughter wants soap to clean her armpits that won't make the hairs squeaky that smells like a pine tree. TMO? Anyway, I thought I'd make this recipe with...
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    Waxed fruit box mold ... need lining?

    Hi, I made my first soap today. Woo hoo! I used a 1litre UHT milk container with a side cut off, but, since we don't usually drink milk from cartons, I thought I make this 15 minute mold... but rather...