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    Homemade laundry bar soap...

    Has anyone made their own laundry bar soap? What recipe do you use? I was thinking of making a batch with 100% coconut oil and 0% superfat for my laundry soap. Do you think that would work? Thanks! :)
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    Question about lining molds....

    Hi! I have a glass baking dish I want to use as a mold and I'm wondering what's the best thing to line it with? I know a lot of people use freezer paper. What about cooking spray, could I use that? Thanks! :) (Sorry for the newbie question).
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    Just made my first batch and a question...

    I just finished my first batch of cp soap! :mrgreen: I was nervous working with the lye, lol. I hope it turns out!! I have a quick question.... What's the best way to clean up? I'm talking about things like the soap pot, stick blender.... all the things with raw gooey soap. Can I just...
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    Lye calculator differences

    Hi! I'm getting ready to make my first batch of cp soap. I ran my recipe through a couple of different lye calculators and they give me different amounts for water. How important is this? How do I know which one to use? Thanks! :)
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    where to find lye?

    Hi, newbie here! Okay, so I'm getting ready to make my first batch of soap (woo-hoo!) and went out looking for lye today. I called Home Depot first and the lady said they carry it, but when I went there, they do NOT carry it. I didn't realize this stuff is so hard to find! Does anyone know...
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    Does vinegar neutralize lye??

    I'm confused! In the Everything Soapmaking book, it says that vinegar neutralizes lye and it's a good idea to pour vinegar on your equipment before washing it. But then I've heard that it's a complete myth and vinegar is no better than plain water. Has anyone tried using vinegar?
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    Lining molds question...

    Sorry for the newbie question.... Is wax paper okay to line mold with? If not, what's the best thing? Thanks!! :)
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    Best places to buy essential oils?

    Hi! I'm looking for a good website to buy essential oils. What are your favorites? I'm all about shopping online.... so much easier than having to drag my kids around town everywhere, lol. :D Thanks!!
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    Question about adding essential oils...

    Hi! I'm a newbie here and I'm getting ready to make my first bath of CP soap! Woo-hoo!! :D I have a question about essential oils... is there a general rule about how much to add? I read somewhere (I think in the Everything Soapmaking book) that you add 1 Tablespoon of EO per lb. of oil...