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    FO Cleanout - Aussie Soapers

    thought there might be some aussies interested in my fragrance oil cleanout on ebay :-)
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    Taking my soap and candles to the market tomorrow...

    It's a very small market, and sales are hard to get. l keep telling myself that this is my last time l go, but l want to support it too, so l keep paying up ;-) Anyway, this time l have spent some time trying to improve the appearance of my stall. Dh made me some wooden trays for my soaps to...
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    my soap cake :-)

    The base is CP with the MP as the 'icing', the raspberries are MP too. I'm not sure if the MP will stick in the long term, having never tried this before. It's scented with sweet raspberry FO :D
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    Botanicals in HP - when to add them?

    l want to try some calendula petals in my HP soap, but am not sure whether to add them at the start of the cook or at the end. I was hoping to get some of the lovely yellow colour from them infused in my soap, but not if the petals are going to 'cook' and go brown as a result!
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    How has your soapmaking style evolved?

    l am feeling very curious and chatty tonight (possibly too much sugar in all those easter eggs LOL!) and l'm really interested to do you define your soapmaking style, and has it changed as you've learned more? When l first started l was really into all the bright CP colours and...
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    Soapmaking book recommendations?

    l'd really love to know if any of you recommend any soapmaking books. l don't need to learn the absolute basics any longer, but l would love a little inspiration for recipes, new things to try etc, etc. l'm looking in an aussie online bookshop right now, and l am particularly taken by Catherine...
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    Icing a Soap 'Cake'

    l'd like to make a soap 'cake' in some sort of cake mold, l have a few silicon molds here to try out. Something like one of these: ... d=12036844 Can anyone advise whether cp soap poured over a cp soap 'cake' will stick? lf l make the 'cake' part one...
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    Hello from Australia

    I'm Gabbie, and l live in Melbourne, Australia. I've been making soap since November 2008 and am totally addicted. I love CP, but am slowly getting into HP as well, l love the instant gratification of HP, but the swirliness of CP ;-) I'm a webdesigner by trade, as well as a stay at home mum...