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    Recipe Input

    This will be my second batch of CP soap. Before I jump into it next weekend I want to make sure that I’m not overlooking anything with this recipe. Open to any input, thanks.
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    My First Attempt, need advice.

    Just finished pulling my first batch out of the mold and other than the odd texture on the top I think it went well. Is this residue anything to worry about? The lye was about 120 F and the oils about 105F when combined. Added 31 grams of coconut fragrance oil at trace. Ambient temp in the...
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    Hello All

    Wish I found this forum a little earlier. The wealth of knowledge is amazing. I’m a family man that has decided that teaching my kids the more things you can make on your own makes you a stronger self sufficient person. That being said we just finished making out first batch and just finished...