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  1. Bari b

    Lard soaps and DOS?

    I am a new CP soaper and was checking out my past soaps today and found one of my latest ones has spots that I think might be DOS. This is my 7th batch of soap and it was made on 5/17, so just now 4 weeks old. This was one of my first two tries at a 50% lard batch. I based it on one of...
  2. Bari b

    Cut another soap today

    I made soap using a new recipe with 50 percent lard yesterday. I wanted to try a pencil line so that was my main goal on this soap, other than testing the new recipe. My colors did not turn out quite like I wanted, I wanted a darker green and brown, but I am also experimenting with colors. I...
  3. Bari b

    Lye/water solution has precipitation in it - can I still use it or should I start over?

    I am attempting to make a batch of soap this morning, a trial of a new recipe. Here is the recipe in SoapCalc. It is based on a Lavender soap recipe from LovinSoap, but I didn't have Rice Bran Oil so I substituted Lard and messed with the percentages of oils very slightly, but kept the SF and...
  4. Bari b

    Advice on beginning colorants and where to buy them, please!

    Good morning! I am a fairly new soaper and have been using what is in my pantry to color my soap so far, however I would like to expand that some and get some of those beautiful colors I see in other's soaps. I have searched the forum for colors, etc, but end up getting so many returns (and some...
  5. Bari b

    RT CP soap making question

    I am a very new soapmaker - made several batches about 7 years ago and am now starting up again. I found this wonderful forum and am learning so much and still trying to figure a lot out. I have read in several places about RT CP soapmaking and am wondering how that works. If I understand...