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    My honey is sticky

    Where did yo9u find this "recipe"? If it's from TicTok, it's a lie
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    IFRA-49 regulations

    I've been contemplating the exact same thing! I have no idea!
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    The word association game

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    A Soaper's House Party

    Those look like some BIG BOY BARS. How much do each one weight?
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    Picking a Font

    I actually can't read any of them. Now, I'm special with special accessibility needs, so... many people have a hard time reading serif fronts and sans-serif fonts are considered more accessible.
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    Play-doh as wallpaper cleaner?

    Alright friends, here's a toughie! Be forewarned, this is a random thought that popped in my head, and now it's all I can think of. Play-doh was originally created as a wallpaper cleaner. Later, the detergent was removed, and we have the play-doh we all know today. Here's my question: if...
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    Flat bottom bath bombs

    I let them dry in one half of the round mold. But for me it's just a hobby so I'm not making that many at a time. I've heard that the hardcore professional presses, the kind that can crush your hand if you're not careful, packs them so densely that nothing will happen to them. They are a big...
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    Advice and recommendations…

    I would suggest a melt and pour kit as the present. As for the first one, you should read what the FDA says about it.
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    color changes.

    But what is your recipe?
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    Help! What are these white bits?!

    I know how that can be! Happens here too. Not too often, mind you, but it has happened.
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    Preserving Soap

    I will be waiting for an update in November 2022 :swinging:
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    10 Christmas Roller On Recipes

    I use fractionated coconut oil instead of jojoba!
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    Help! What are these white bits?!

    Without knowing what base you used, it looks like your soap sweated and evaporated leaving that. Humidity and temperature fluctuations are most likely the cause. What has the climate been the past few months compared to before? If you began during a time of year with relatively stable...
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    Help! What are these white bits?!

    What kind of MP are you using?
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    Jelly Soap

    Thanks @cerelife ! I appreciate your input! What were the mistakes you made and how did you learn from them?
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    Jelly Soap

    Hello all! I've decided to have some fun and expand into Jelly soaps and have purchased a jelly soap MP base. Does anyone have experience with jelly soap base? Any thoughts on size/thickness? Videos I've seen, people really just use them for the novelty and fun of it and have left the...
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    eco-glitter/bio-glitter is the way to go! is having a sale right now.
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    Where is our reality show?

    TWO hosts!
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    Where is our reality show?

    I'd say @ResolvableOwl and I should be co-hosts. We could be the Nick Offerman and Amy Poehler, respectively, because the owl knows WAY more than I do about soap, and I'm a-dork-able! Or the Noel Fielding and Matt Lucas. We could have all the fun, but don't have the stress of deciding who...