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    New (Old) Moderator

    IrishLass! A familiar face! I haven't been on here very much lately but I remember you from way back when. Good to "see" you again.
  2. K

    This is me... connecting our names.

    Hi All, I have not visited/posted regularly on here in FOREVER, but I actually used to be Mod. Loved this thread idea so I thought I'd post a picture of my daughter and me, taken this past Mother's Day.
  3. K

    Hello from Silver Spring, MD

    Hey there! I lived in Silver Spring for quite a while growing up. I'm currently not too far from you in Northern VA. :-)
  4. K

    Mold recommendations, please...

    I bought some from Candles and Woodcrafts a while back. They were good.
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    The word association game

  6. K

    The word association game

    bow .
  7. K

    "Sweet tahiti" soap pics

    Gorgeous! I also would love to know how you made the flowers!
  8. K

    Cucumber, Tea Tree, Peppermint and Eucalyptus

    How much parsley did you use and how big was your batch? I love the color! Great job!
  9. K

    Save On Scents FO's - Your Opinion Please?

    I use FO's from SOS all the time. It depends on the scent, but I love SOS. Great prices, amazing selection. I have some soaps that are a year old and still smell fantastic. Others have faded. Read the reviews other people leave for each particular scent before you buy.
  10. K

    activated charcoal soap

    I make a fantastic charcoal soap (halloween soap, actually). I'm not so sure about the benefits but I've heard charcoal is good for the skin. You can see mine here. Lots of people really like it and it's one of my absolute favorites.
  11. K

    Slab or log mold?

    I'm in love with my custom slab molds with dividers designed by me and handcrafted by my stepfather. No cutting, no trimming, no waste and I have the size and shape I wanted. The more I use it, the easier it is to remove the soap. Best of all, no lining!
  12. K

    yaaaay job interview today...

    Good luck, Ian!
  13. K

    anyone good with favicons?

    Great! I've been wanting to make a favicon for my site too, just haven't gotten around to it yet... I already have Photoshop and just saw that I can get a free plugin for it. Thanks for reminding of yet another thing for my "To Do" list. ;-)
  14. K

    anyone good with favicons?

    What's the file type of your original image? Some file types don't support transparency.
  15. K

    any problems wrapping

    Too far in advance and your shrinkwrap will loosen as the soap shrinks.
  16. K

    shaving soap pot/brush set

    Beautiful presentation Maddy! What size jars do you use? I have some 4 oz plastic jars but the mouth doesn't look like it would be wide enough. And where do you get your crates?
  17. K

    Shopping Carts software for your website?

    I use Zen Cart as well. Very helpful to order the manual. Otherwise, it's free and like Deda said, extremely flexible.
  18. K

    Oatmeal Milk Honey FO color ?

    I make some goat milk soap where you can see a difference. Here's the one with no fragrance and no coloring. Here's the one DOES have OMH fragrance, but no additional coloring. Please excuse the slightly green shadowing... photo coloring is a little off. I need to fix that. You can...
  19. K

    HDPE Sheets

    Does anyone buy HDPE sheets? If so, where do you get them? I found a couple places online but how can I tell if these sheets are nice and smooth without any texture? My stepfather is building me some BRAND NEW SOAP MOLDS! I'm so excited but I don't know the first thing about HDPE.
  20. K

    need name for this honey soap

    Or "Toast Me, Honey" ;-)