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    Layers separating in my melt and pour soap

    I have been making soap for about a year and have enjoyed every minute of it. I am still learning and I have been having problems with my layered soaps. The layers in the soap tend to separate while I am cutting the soap :-x I am using an organic base which is 100% all vegetable. I prefer to use...
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    Ideas for inexpensive melt and pour soap labels

    Does anyone have any ideas on how to make an inexpensive but professional looking soap label for my melt and pour soaps? Thank you for your help.8)
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    question about labeling melt and pour soap

    I have been making melt and pour soaps for about a year. I needed to quit my job to focus on my college studies full time. The soap making started out as a hobby but soon became a little money on the side. I already sold some soaps to family and friends but would like to start selling online...