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    First Time Using Calculator Questions

    Some of my Amazon items are here and I am very excited to make my first soap. I found a recipe I want to make, on SoapQueen but it had palm oil which I want to take out. Following suggestions on that site I made alterations using calculator. It says not to discount the liquid and...
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    Substitute Oils?

    Does anyone know which site has the chart of oils and the substitutes that can be used? I was using it and should have bookmarked or printed...for what ever reason I am not finding it now. Lots of other info on many sites... but that chart was very simple and easy to reference. Not sure why my...
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    Substitutions ..making it vegan?

    I found a HP recipe I want to try but want it vegan and palm Crisco free. It has Crisco 4%, tallow12%, palm kernel flakes 3%,palm 5%. I checked a chart for substitutes and thought I would increase my cocoa and shea butters by 2% each and eliminate the Crisco. Looking at the chart not sure...
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    My husband asked me to make a coffee expresso wake up bar as he loves coffee. I read about heating beans and oil to use, but wondering what the best EO etc is to use? Watching and reading a lot so there are many options wondering about experienced posters here have w coffee soaps. Thank you.
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    Waiting..and scheduling soap making .........

    How do you handle having to wait? Do you ever just get impatient and want to try it? How do you time having soap ready for certain dates? I am making my first batch of soap this week, if my lye arrives! . I am trying to figure out how to make a variety of types so some will cure and be usable...
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    Making Embeds

    I am watching videos which show how to make embeds. It was stated that the embeds must be the same type of base as the other soap they are going in. So using a MP soap to make embeds or buying pre-made ones won't work with making a HP/ CP soap right? So if I want to make embeds I imagine I...
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    How much fits in my pot?

    Help. Please...first time here...have an old crockpot. It is maybe 3 qt. Will measure but I need to know how much oil etc to put in ..don’t want overflow. I am guessing I need to make no more than 2 qt by volume. I have no idea how to adjust the recipes so they fit. I know to weigh things but...