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    Gel Candles ?? How?? :D

    Hello I am looking for any advice on making gel candles. Am thinking these would be easy to make - and resell in votive glass containers... or mold them and sell without a container... to be used on a plate. Does anyone have a good supplier? Thanx,
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    Help with Butter Recipe

    Thanks anyhow -- I will figure this out on my own.
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    Beer Soap CP - Today's Creation!

    Hey All Wanted to boast like a proud mom... here is my newest soap - Guiness Lager beer soap - CP. I am trying out a "no gel" thing to see how it turns out - currently its in the fridge next to the milk. :) I will report back about how this turns out. Its a really pretty butter scotch...
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    CP Soap Crust??? (HELP)

    Hello This has happened to two of my recent batches... The log looks great but when its cut into bars the center of the bar is more transparent than the crust... or outer area which is opaque. I would say the center is bordering on transparent. Sorry, I don't have my camera to show what I...
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    Afternoon Soaping... One Small Issue...

    Well, I began making a shampoo bar for my new Silver Moon log mold (LOVE THIS MOLD BTW)... Everything went ok until I experienced my first soap seizure - it made it into the mold -- but was a bit tricky... whew with that one. Here is my question. I have used the formula for total amount...
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    Can I??

    Just wondering about what you all think about wrapping fresh soap (days old) in one layer of tissue paper to cure? We live out in the country and have lots of dust... is this ok? I think the soap can still breathe - I can smell the EO through it. :) Rachelle
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    Corragated Cardboard Rolls?

    Hello ~ I am looking for a source for corrgated cardboard rolls. Does anyone know of a company? Thanks. Rachelle
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    Upland Soap Co Question

    Greetings to you all. I wanted to ask if anyone has ordered from Upland Soap Co recently -- I have sent several emails and left several phone messages with no reply in regards to an order I placed almost three weeks ago. Is there problems with this company and what is the typical turnaround...
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    Its THE BOMB!!! re: My questions on B - b - bombs!

    Hi All! :) I have made my 2nd batch of Bath Bombs, pink vanilla (recipe from Coastal Scents) and am quite happy with this one. The first one got "exploding pimples" and cracked... My question is how do I set them to dry without getting a dent where they rest on the counter or plate they...
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    Hi Could someone tell me what the usage rate for Natrasorb is when mixed with - well something like a milk bath recipe? Thanks --
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    Tart Recipe - HOW 2 ??

    Hi there - I have searched for "how to make soy tarts" and cant seem to find it -- could someone please point me in the proper direction - I am lost... Thanks!
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    Presto Electric Pot -- LOVE IT!!!

    I have just purchased a Presto Electric Pot - LOVE IT! I use it to melt my oils and waxes for soaping... I read somewhere that oils can combust if overheated - yikes. I may hev hubby put a spout in the side, but its fine without it -- the cost was ONLY $22 at Wally World. Super easy and...
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    Aloe Juice Question

    Hi there -- I did see the Aloe Juice at Wally World tonight - and am wondering if the color comes through in the soap? I have aloe juice that I purchased from somewhere else which is clear... Just curious Thanks!
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    Container Question - Do you know where I can get this??

    Hello I have seen this container online, but have not found a source for purchasing it. Do you know where I can find these for my lotion bars?? Thanks in advance! Rachelle Here is the link to the photo...[email protected]/
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    When do you add milk?

    Hello -- Last night I was making another batch of Goats Milk - from fresh GM straight from the fridge... I sort of foo-pawed and dumped the lye in the GM and aloe vera - POOF - a nice bright yellow! Grrr. I was certain that the GM was scorched, so I dumped that all out and remixed the...
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    Recipe Help - Lotion Bar...

    Hi there - I have a general idea of ingredients that I want to try out in a lotion bar for roll up tubes. Could someone take a look at this and reccomend percentages to try? Thanks. Cocoa Butter Coconut Oil Sweet Almond Oil Vitamin E Essential Oil Blend Rachelle (roro) :)
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    Resource Needed - Tins for Balms and such...

    Hello, Hope you are all good. I just got in my 1/2 oz and 2 oz tins from Cranberry Lane - and boy are they beat up :( ! Shipping also was a killer too... Does anyone know of a good and inexpensive source for these here in the states? I sure appreciate it! Thanks in advance... roro
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    Natural Colorants - Alkanet Root - anyone use this?

    Hello - I am just curious about this and wanted to see if anyone uses this? I really want to find some to use... Any photos or info would be great! Thanks :) Cheers! RoRo
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    Digital Scale Needed --

    I thought I bookmarked the site -- darn -- I found a great site which had digital scales for around $50 for soaping -- I can't remember the name of the site, all I can recal is it was purple-ish blue (lol). I think they were going to be closed until the 7th... Can anyone point me in the right...
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    First Batch of Soap - "Its in the bag!" :)

    Hello from CA! :) I decided to make my very first batch of CP soap... I decided on a simple Castile with 100% olive oil in it (although I was SO tempted to mix something into it!!) lol. Time from mixing lye to trace was just at two hours. I was very suprised (using pomace grade) that...