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  1. Barb

    packaging items for sale

    doing a bit of de-cluttering: ya know how it goes, got some hair brained idea, placed and order and then it didn't work out. 44 4 oz. blk mailbu's ( these have caps ) $20.00 48 4 oz. clear boston rounds $11.00 45 4 oz. alum bullet bottles...
  2. Barb

    crazy weather in mich

    while we are thankful we are not completely under water like those in iowa, after last nights storms i was beginning to wonder. this is 6 blocks from our house. we woke up this morning having to bail water from our basement. we got over 10 inches of water in just a couple of hours, strong...
  3. Barb

    weekend show photos

    excuse the quality of the photo's i was using a new camera for the first time and it has more bells and whistles then i know what to do with, and i am still getting used to it. the booth was long and narrow so it was rather hard to get the whole display in one shot. very little show with...
  4. Barb


    over the last couple of days i have sent you a couple of private emails, just wondering if you received them?
  5. Barb

    spring shows

    for those of you who have already had a spring show this year, how are sales compared to last year. i have a small one this weekend and with gas hitting 3.49 today, in an already depressed state, ( yeah i live in mich ) i'm a tad worried. especially since i had to raise my prices. what with...
  6. Barb

    another newbie

    hello everyone, i'm just another newbie here, but have been soaping in one form or another for over 12 years. i see some familiar names from others groups, and some new ones. thanks for having me. i live in the cold and snowy ( at the moment ), state of michigan, about 3 miles from...