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    consistency of sugar/salt scrub that is creamy or emulsified

    I prefer mine to be thick and leave my skin feeling very soft afterward. :)
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    Some of my soap

    Oh how pretty! Beautiful bars. I can't wait to start playing with and perfecting the CP process. I want to makes soaps like that!!!
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    How did you find us?

    A Google Search
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    Good Colorant

    Hiya! I don't know if you are looking for ways to naturally color your soap, but Cherry Tree Scents has some awesome colors, not natural though.
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    safflower oil and caster

    Bitter Creek has those oils. Good price. I am not sure about quality, haven't bought those ones, but they have them!
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    Valentine's Day FO List

    Thank you for the list. Very helpful indeed. That is something we figured we would do this time around, offer just a few scents rather than everything we had....just made Christmas hard to do! LOL
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    Lavendar/Vanilla FO

    I use the Lavender Vanilla from Carolina Candle and it is a very nice scent indeed. Also, Alabaster has some really nice scents too.
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    Man Scents

    I like to do a Cedarwood and Bergamot mix..... I also like the Gentlemen's Bay Rum or Polo Sport.
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    Paying Yourself

    Uhmmm,,,, we have invested way more into the company over the last year than we have gotten. We still just reinvest what we do get, work on new product, perfect current recipes, buy new "shop" toys. One day we will make more than we spend and it will all be good. Then we can begin paying...
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    I am in love!

    well now, I just went and checked out those molds....OMG, I am in love and haven't even bought one yet!!! As son as more monies come in that is the game plan! They look just lovely and I am anxious to start my CP process. Can you tell???
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    Rebatch gone wrong?

    :oops: Oh well, live and learn! First rebatch one will be better because now I know, not too much liquid!!!
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    Soap Pot?

    Well, we closed down the shop till the 2nd of January so there are no orders to fill at the moment. We know of a large order that will be coming after we re-open.... but other than that, I guess I just plan on playing a little with some recipes and reading up on CP as I plan on doing those...
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    So..exactly what IS considered natural?

    Well, my two cents are this. I do M&P and I use one of the Natural Bases. I use EO's and retain the Natural aspect, but I also use FO's at customers request and therefore obtain the Nearly Natural tag. I am going to begin working on CP and am excited as I do feel that M&P is a little bit of...
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    Valentines Day Scents?

    Your welcome, not sure how much I helped, but glad to be here! :)
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    Orange Julius Soap M&P recipe

    oooo, that sounds good! I think I might play in the kitchen today!! LOL
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    Valentines Day Scents?

    ok, so figure about 5 bucks for packaging (quickly searched for gable boxes at 39.45 for 100 count)....I'd think that your price is pretty close, but that is me. :) I always find it difficult to get a nice product at a price that customers are willing to pay. There is always someone who...
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    Valentines Day Scents?

    Well, I don't know. I guess it depends. How are you packaging? A real basket, with that shredded paper stuff, plastic bag and bow? What I usually do, is take the cost of each individual product I am packaging, total it, reduce by a specific percentage and then add in the cost of packageing...
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    Valentines Day Scents?

    Wow, ok, that just sounds yummy! Would like to see a pic of one when you get one together... closer to V-day I guess! :)
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    Rebatch gone wrong?

    Well, I used a little less that half a cup of milk, then after that when it was ready to pour, I added a teaspoon of Coconut Oil and 4 drops of Lavender EO. Laundry soap, there is a good idea! :D
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    LETS DO IT IN 2008!

    My goals for the coming year: 1. To be able to learn the art of CP 2. To be able to learn the art of Liquid Soap Making 3. To increase sales by 10% 4. To get a nice little room added on to the house JUST for my profession/hobby 5. I know not business related, but to fill my heart...