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    milk soap

    My personal favorite is yogurt. I freeze it and use it as my lye liquid and then add even more at trace. I think the special ending properties in the soap has to do with the fat content. So, I go for that highest fat content no matter which milk I'm going to work with. :?
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    corn oil

    I have used corn oil in my batches. I read that it possessed some of the same properties as olive oil. To me it acted similar. I do soap in small batches so you may want to investigate if this oil will work for you. It is more affordable than olive oil and I had no problems soaping with it. Hope...
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    When to add aloe vera?

    I add mine at the trace because I feel like it will maintain the integrity better. :?
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    Using egg in soap

    Never tried eggs before I have a soap book that includes recipes on egg soaps but I have never tried them. I have made tofu soap before. The tofu cakes lend a creamy richness to the soaps as well. I might try the eggs, I love being creative. :P
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    I'm just sayin...

    Got to agree. Everyone has been so nice to me. There are pictures of beautiful soaps here also. I love to check those out. :)
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    Where does your soap call home ?

    Born and raised in Moses Lake Wa living in Dayton Oh baby! :wink:
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    I am absolutely in love with yogurt soap! I feel like freezing some and making a batch tomorrow with some pureed papaya in there. :twisted:
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    raw fruits and vegetables

    I have a fresh food fetish when it comes to soaping. I feel that by adding milk and produce that I am nourishing my skin naturally and I love it! I always add my produce at trace and I have 4 year old food soaps that are just delightful. Never had any rancicity. Have fun! :P
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    Recycle soap

    My mother did this in a different way. She would add a small amount of water to her old shavings and mash them up together. It wasnt goregous but she saved her scraps!
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    Miss you all

    Hi! It has been awhile and I havent forgotten you all. Let me hear from you. The People on this forum have really been helpful in my soapmaking endeavors. I want to say thank you and let you know that I will be going over some of the older postings to refresh my memory and learn something new! :D
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    I think I am addicted!

    Yes. I definately love it! It's been 3 years for me. I don't want to be cured of it either! :lol:
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    The assumption that handmade soap isn't as "good".

    Whenever I get the chance I like to let people know that if they used the right cleansers for their face and body that their skin wouldnt get so dry. I used to depend on that high price stuff at the cosmetic counters at the mall. It never really did me any good. I am also very quick to hand out...
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    I Love Soaping Because...

    I love soaping because... it is a wonderful craft. I have always loved being creative and this is one of my favorite crafts. Its always like X-mas each time I unmold my creation the next morning. The best part is that the end product is something wonderful that my friends and family all love...
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    I was just thinking

    Yes!!! Everyone one here has helped me so much that words just can't express it. The kindness... I'm so grateful for it. You all are the very best. Thank you! :D
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    Help find a book for my wife!

    I just read "The Everything Soap Making Book" by Alicia Grosso. I really like it and learned a great deal from it. I got it from the library. :)
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    Help, I'm under seize! LOL!!

    I wouldn't say it is for sure ruined. I have had a lot of batches trace and thicken quickly according to the small batches and certain ingredients that I have worked with. They have turned out just fine! What have you got? Tell us so that the seasoned soapers can advise you more accurately. :)
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    what other ingredients have you used to increase lather

    I have used soy milk. The liquid kind. I like it . I just incorperate it as I would my other milks. :)
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    Garage sale score!!

    I'm so excited for you! How neat! :D
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    Some of my soaps

    They are lovely. You have great talent! :D
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    what other ingredients have you used to increase lather

    I love to add coconut milk to my recipes and I find that it really increases the lather.