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    A question for those that use a silicone mold that nestles down inside a wooden box with lid. I've been having this weird spotting issue. Only on the outside of my soap top, bottom, sides. I thought it was heat(i always gel) and so I stopped insulating completely. The spots weren't quite as...
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    A Trio of Shaving Soap

    (from nearest to farthest)Lavender, Clove and Olive Oil and Goat's Milk
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    Fir Needle

    Fir Needle - Bring the clean, fresh aroma of a coniferous forest to your morning shower. I just adore the smell of this soap-colored with wheat grass this soap is as natural as the great outdoors.
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    New! Fall Inspired Soap

    Cinnamon Cajeta - a rich caramelly goat's milk base with a decadent speckling of vanilla bean aromatically complimented with hint of cinnamon. Perfectly delicious!
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    A New Look for Fresh Lemon

    A new look for Fresh Lemon-still simple and clean but with a little movement-same great Fresh Lemon. Yum!
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    A couple of soaps

    Olive Oil and Goat's Milk A few rounds
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    From left to right: Refresh Mint, Fresh Air, Wallflower, Olive Oil & Goat's Milk
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    Help! I need a diagnosis.

    Okay so, I thought this was only a td issue I have been having lately. I am seeing it in every batch for the last probably 8 batches. I thought it was perhaps stearic lines but, dh opened a new bucket and melted it down and stirred. What is up?[/img] Oils are within 10 degrees of each other...
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    Sparkling Rooibos Tea

    Sparkling Rooibos Tea - an exuberant blend of fresh brewed organic rooibos tea, succulent mandarin and sparkling peppermint create a fresh blend perfect for summer. Colored with natural clay.
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    A New One

    English Garden- an earthy floral with notes of citrus and fresh rosemary; beautifully awakens memories of an English Cottage Garden. Cut pics!
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    Infusing Vanilla Beans for Soap Making

    Can someone talk to me about infusing vanilla beans for use in cp soap making? How is it done and is there an advantage over using vanilla eo? Or do you infuse as a replacement for vanilla eo?
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    First Soaps of 2010

    Chill - a mint blend with blue oxide and silver mica No Nonscents - Goat's milk / shea butter (unscented / no colorant) Part of my soap line
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    On the curing rack..

    Herbaceous - a rosemary / mint blend. I will have to retake the pic - too much shadow from the blinds but, the color is just about right. Pale green with airy white swirls; topped with aromatic mint and rosemary. Yum!
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    Nut Brown Dark Ale Beer Soap

    Scented lightly with a warm vanilla blend..Yum!
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    Lard Soapers I need input

    I typically soap with veggie oils, but am out of said veggie oils so I decided to get the lard out. I have only used lard once and that was probably a year ago, anyway I am wondering if it is typical for lard to be soft at first. My recipe is 80% lard and 20% PKO - this batch took a long time to...
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    How to do soap with sculpted / textured tops???

    I am in search of a technique for how people make those lovely sculpted / textured tops on soap. I have attempted a few times only to have the top sort of fall during gel. Also, how do you control ash when you are not able to really cover the top very well with a sculpted top? TIA
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    Soap pics

    Three soaps OMH Carrot Marmalade
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    Coffee Soap and scent

    Is it possible to get coffee soap to smell like coffee without Coffee FO or Coffee absolute? Does anyone get good coffee scent using just the coffee?