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  1. Dianae

    Sea salt soap how to questions

    I’ll send the company a message and warn them about my experience. Hopefully, they are a responsible soaper and do what’s right, at the very least put a warning on it. Thanks for the salt suggestions, I had no idea salt came is so many diverse flavors. I didn’t see calspa after I performed a...
  2. Dianae

    Sea salt soap how to questions

    I discovered this the hard way... I purchased an artisan salt soap at Whole Foods. It had fine pink salt in the body and coarse grains on the top. This was my first salt soap and made the mistake of using this straight on the skin. I looked like I was in a brawl with a cat😼 even though I was...
  3. Dianae

    Sea salt soap how to questions

    Ok, so I finally made my salt bars and I had a brief but fun time. I used 75% CO, 15% OO, 5% SAO, 5% CaO with 17% super fat and 50% finely ground Himalayan rock salt, and activated charcoal for color. Scented with WSPs Cucumber and Matcha Green Tea... really nice scent, like walking in a...
  4. Dianae

    Not the only one sweating, in the cellar.....

    Really nice! They remind me of giant smarties :D
  5. Dianae

    Sea salt soap how to questions

    Thank everybody😊 I’m hoping to get to it tomorrow as other life events got in the way today. Great TashaBird! Please share how yours went and I’ll do the same.
  6. Dianae

    Sea salt soap how to questions

    Getting ready to do my first small batch salt soap this weekend and have a few questions. I’ve reviewed the numerous posts on SMF and have a couple of recipes I’m looking forward to trying, either IrishLass‘ recipe OR the 100% CO with coconut milk, with 50% salt. While I’m deciding, here’s what...
  7. Dianae

    Homemade soap beveler

    I admire diy and great craftsmanship. Looks really good, Todd. Maybe one day I’ll attempt it myself. Where did you purchase the blade?
  8. Dianae

    My take on an ocean themed soap

    Omg, this is beautiful. Please describe what it smells like from your point of view.
  9. Dianae

    Marseille soap

    I lived in Paris for a semester in college in the late 90s. I traveled with our class and instructors to the Loire Valley on through the south of France towards Nice. It was such a beautiful experience. We visited castles, churches, gardens, sampled wines, bread, cheese, and had many...
  10. Dianae

    South of France Green Tea dupe

    There are a couple of products who’s scents are similar and I’m looking to duplicate: The Body Shop’s Fuji Green Tea and the South of France Green Tea. I emailed the SoF and they kindly shared which Essential oils they used (see below). I wanted to make a laundry soap using these but quickly...
  11. Dianae

    Using PVC as a soap mold

    Good idea ;) Right now I’m looking at everything as a possible mold and imagining the possibilities for shapes. I saw another soaper mention the same thing and thought it was funny because I caught myself doing the same ;D I bet your soaps look so pretty!
  12. Dianae

    Using PVC as a soap mold

    Well I can’t argue with a subject matter expert. I knew the difference between VCs and PVC plastics and should’ve stated it more clearly, but you did it nicely and am glad you did. At least for me, I just can’t bring myself to use it yet.
  13. Dianae

    Using PVC as a soap mold

    Hi everyone, I would like to add on to this thread and share my concern about using polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastics. I’m not a chemist nor an authority on the subject, but I just want to share and promote safety with your soap making process. I took a local soap class last month and was a...