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    Fellow Canucks

    Hi Tanya I live about 4 hours south of North Bay. Close to Lake Huron. That's pretty close, don't you think. BTW my BIL and his family live in Australia. In the tablelands near Cairns. We all grew up in Switzerland, though and moved to Canada 19 years ago, respectively Australia 12 years ago...
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    Fellow Canucks

    I'm in snow covered Midwestern-Ontario
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    Selling uncured soap

    I visited a local craft festival today with about 170 vendors. 3 of them sold soap. One lady (which I happen to know) sold castille soap, another one M&P and then there was this guy who had CP soap for sale. Most of it was in uncut logs. The whole set-up looked very much like "Bargain-Shopping"...
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    /peaks in and admires the different soaps

    Hello fellow "Ontarian", welcome!
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    Schön Dich hier zu sehen!!! Herzlich Willkommen.
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    albino peacock

    My neighbor has a couple white peacocks too. She has a B&B in another town . It's a beautiful big old house with a huge backyard. She is planning on building a little chapel there and renting it out for weddings. I suggested she might want to keep some of those peacocks there too. Wouldn't that...
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    Workin' the Soap Pot....Pics!

    I love your molds and soaps. They look awesome. Did you use any coloring in the cucumber avocado????
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    You can slice it into rounds and fry it in your frying pan with a bit of butter. With a salad it makes a great vegan meal.
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    Want to see my workshop?

    WOW, WOW, WOW!!!!! This place is amazing. Congratulations!!
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    Where to find lye in Canada?

    Yep, they still have it. Just go on the Home Hardware site and type in Lye crystals in the search feature. It should come up so you have an idea how it looks like. HTH
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    Where to find lye in Canada?

    Hi there I'm in Ontario too and I just bought some Lye at my local Home Hardware today. Its in the cleaner section. It's a Home Hardware brand. White and blue label called Lye Crystals. 3 kg for 19.99. This is my 3rd jug and so far my soap has turned out well. Edited to say that I live in...
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    making sachets

    I've seen those ornaments before. I would love to make them. But what about the smell in the oven. I do a lot of baking as well and I wouldn't want my bread or cookies smelling like roses :D
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    First Sale

    Congratulations!!!! I can remember how trilled I was when I had my first sale at the farmers market this summer.
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    Here is a link to a tutorial. Hope this helps!!
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    Newbie from Portugal

    Welcome!!! :D
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    Grease Cutting Shower Bar Ideas?

    I'm selling my coffee soap at a farmers market and I had a guy stopping by a few weeks ago and buying more coffee soap because he liked it for the "grease-cutting" effect. He looked to be mechanic. For my 1000g batch I use: 600 g Coconut Oil 200 g Olive Oil 200 g Veg. Shortening...
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    goat's milk soap confiscated

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    My first successful swirl!!!!

    Thank you so much :D The Angler & Hunter is scented with Anise EO I'm wondering if I can duplicate the swirls in the next batch...
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    My first successful swirl!!!! ... 004nb5.jpg Here are the soaps I made today. From left to right: Cucumber, Goatmilk-Oatmeal-Honey, Angler & Hunter