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    Brown Top on Cold Process?

    What would make the very top ridge of my cold process batch turn brown? I don't think this is DOS, because it was like this in the mold before I even cut it, and it's only on the highest ridge in the middle of a few of my bars. What did I do wrong :confused: ...and please excuse my soda ash...
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    Will Rebatching Help with Clumpy Titanium Dioxide?

    Hello all, For the first time, I'm considering rebatching some soap, but I want to be sure it will solve the problem before I do so. I made a batch of cold process coffee soap and was pretty happy - it actually smells like coffee and cocoa butter. Unfortunately, I not only didn't use...
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    CP Batch Not Heating Up - Will It Gel?

    Hello again everyone :) I've been looking forward to trying a swirl for SO long, and I finally attempted it this evening. I got to a light trace (I'm relatively new at this, but I'm pretty sure), added my essential oils, separated into containers to add colorants, molded it up (5 lb wooden...
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    Salt Bars?

    Hi everyone! I made my first salt bars yesterday, and I'm wondering about a few things. Do they go through gel phase? I didn't use a colorant, so they're pure white, and they never got that "gel phase" look that my regualar cold process soap gets. I know they get really hard really fast, so...
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    Will Body Butters Stain?

    Hello all, I'm very new to soaping, but I'm already totally hooked. I decided to kill some time today by making a whipped shea body butter. It turned out pretty well, but now I'm wondering...will it stain? I used about 7 oz of shea butter, 2.5 oz coconut oil, and about 2 ml of essential...
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    Newbie Questions

    Hello everyone! I can't thank you all enough for this wonderful website. I've been spending a crazy amount of time reading past threads and getting helpful info. I am a total newbie - I've made only two batches of cold process soap. Neither exploded, I didn't get chemical burns, and they...