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    Newbie needs advice on a receipe please

    Hi Debbs...It looks like a great bar, but I have never HP'd. I cannot see how much lye you are using. And I think if I understand right, you are going to add an extra 5% shea after in addition to what you already have listed for ingred. Give it a try. And let us know how it goes. Nothing...
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    help with recipe please

    This is what the Soap Calculator shows: I am not sure if this is going to work. The water shows 15.96 oz and the lye was 6.008 oz which pretty much rounds off to 6oz. I used Beef Tallow for the Tallow. This is with a 5% superfat. Also...
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    post-gluttony lentil pilaf

    Not sure if you can just print the one post but I just copy and paste the parts I want to Word. Laurie
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    Master Batch (lye) question

    You are correct about everything. Since you are using 16oz masterbatch which is 8 oz lye plus 8 oz liquid, you then just subtract 8oz liquid from your liquids used. You said you use about 18 oz so then you just subtract the 8 oz from that which gives you about 10 oz. Hope that's clear...
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    Recommendations to save my laundry soap

    What I would do is wait one more day and keep stirring as per the recipe. Maybe by tomorrow it will set up. Keep in mind though that if it does you would have to add more to each load to compensate for the extra water. But with that much extra water I doubt it will set up. You may have to...
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    post-gluttony lentil pilaf

    Wonderful...those are all ingred. I really like. Thanks...Laurie
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    I wrote an epic first post for you to read :)

    Welcome to the forum. And yes the soap calculator is your best friend. I would never make soap without it. Having said that I didn't even know it existed the first few years I was making soap and maybe it didn't way back then. Read this forum and what Dagmar wrote and you will learn why...
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    Pictures of my SOAP WENT WRONG.... LOL... PRETTY BAD!

    Thanks for sharing pics. And I do sympathize with you. I have been soaping for 8 years and I had my very first soap on a stick this week, so now I know what everyone is talking about. My soap is even uglier than yours. The two fragrances I mixed together were both New Directions - Ocean...
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    Did I do the Right Thing?

    I'm a big believer in communication even if it is negative or really hard. I hope you don't mind me asking this question. I know you talked around all the options about having sex and all it's consequences. But did you talk about the option of not having sex and all it's consequences...
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    Liquid soap from bar soap...and it doesn't feel like snot.

    By Everclear do you mean vodka or is this something you buy at the drugstore? I've got all the other ingred. but just not sure about that one. Thanks for sharing your experiment. I've got 100% CO soap with a 0% superfat that has been curing forever. I have only made one batch of the...
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    Soap in freezer need advise PLEASE

    I usually leave mine in for about 2 hours and then into the fridge overnight. Laurie
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    Some pics of my soapies

    Those are gorgeous soaps! Laurie
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    What is a good scale that won't cost a fortune?

    I have the Pelouze from Staples as well, been using it for about 6 to 7 yrs. I think I have changed the battery once and I use it for weighing kitchen stuff as well. Laurie
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    How do you avoid a partial gell.. It happend again :-(

    I use the freezer for a few hours to avoid gel. Then it goes into the fridge overnight. Wooden molds probably encourage gel. You may try plastic rubbermaid or tupperware, etc. When I first started out that was all I used. It was almost impossible for me to get my soap to gel even when I...
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    Laundry Bar

    This is what I do: 0% superfat 100% CO I would grate it while it is still soft. You can also use 100% lard if you can get that cheaper. I can't. I also really like this version. ... +shredding
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    i think it gelled

    Sorry...but I cannot see any pictures. :(
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    Peak FO=good deal

    Thanks for the quick reply Honor. I do know a number of friends & relatives who travel up. I might be able to get them to bring a parcel with them. :wink: Laurie
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    Peak FO=good deal

    Does anyone know if Peak's delivers to Canada? This sounds like to good a deal to pass up. Laurie
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    Michael's first batch

    I used Rubbermaid for a couple of years before I got wooden molds. I just made sure to line them. No problems then. By the way...congratulations. :D Laurie
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    Lemongrass EO Soap Bars

    Very nice looking soap. I love lemongrass too.