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    Glycerin Lye method for bar soap?

    Have any of you made bar soap (NaOH) using glycerin to dissolve the lye? I do it for liquid soap but got to thinking...
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    I'm back!

    It's been eons since I stormed or snuck off (depending on your perspective LOL) and ended up taking quite a hiatus from soapmaking and candles (tho I stayed on forums for a bit). Anyway I've been messing around with the glycerin LS method and found a bunch of info here and thought I'd say...
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    Posts gone missing

    We're trying to figure out where they've all gone.
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    Natural & Organic - not necessarily a safe choice ... -news.html Time to go beyond the "natural" hype and be safe.
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    take a hint

    before posting an ad or whatever, read the rules right at the top of this area. if you don't follow the rules, your post/thread gets deleted. period.
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    great oils resource

    couldn't decide in which area to feature this.
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    Making my first ever OHP batch

    Curious how it'll go. Unscented to keep things simple, and no color or anything. 10 minutes left in the oven.... I didn't do any extra measures to keep it liquidy - no sodium lactate, or sugar in the water, tho I did use a 27% lye solution which is pretty dilute for me.
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    jerk mayor

    Well, in our local elections yesterday the incumbent mayor lost. I didn't so much vote for his competition as against the jerk. such an asshole, he quit upon hearing the news, even though he should have stayed in office for the rest of the year. clearly the public chose well.
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    My job makes life difficult...

    About 50% of my job is that I'm a professional taster. Coffee, tomato sauces, juices, and others. Eating out is a nightmare. Soon to add beer and soft drinks to the list. (Fragrance evaluations too, but those are not as difficult to ignore outside the office).
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    "Taco" "Soup" crockpot - cans and some

    "Taco" "Soup" crockpot - cans and some Easiest crock pot recipe ever TACO STEW 1 can black white beans 1 can kidney beans 1 can corn ... 1 can chicken broth 2 cans diced tomatoes with chilis 6 half chicken breasts 1 envelope taco seasoning Throw all the canned stuff into the...
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    Tis the seaon... LICE

    OK, since this is when lice issues tend to arise, I thought I'd post my most favorite lice treatment. It's approved for use in Canada under a brand name, but you can make it at home. Non pesticide, non toxic! Made from stuff in lotions and hair conditioners! Simply a 501/50 mix of...
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    beveler/planer - do we know this guy?

    I don't use a beveler any more, but I know people have been looking since Kangaroo Blue went AWOL. ... LANER.html Looks like a minimum order of 10 - not sure if he'd stick to that. Or maybe we could co-op them.
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    Goats milk is in! ... %2BProduct
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    Please vote for my town to win a "Barn" for the Fa

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    6 Steps to Create Value from Facebook Fans

    No idea if this will be useful, but it is free.. 6 Steps to Create Value from Facebook Fans Having an authentic and engaging voice in social media is critical for most every organization these days. One of the first steps is creating a Facebook page where consumers can go for information...
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    Pomegranate Oil

    Product(s) offered: Pomegranate Oil - 4 oz increments Supplier Source: (website if applicable) Jedwards/Bulk Natural Oils Price of items offered Price from supplier: $171.50/gallon Co-op price: $6.72/4 oz (plus $1.25 ea for...
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    Charlie Sheen - my diagnosis

    Watching 20/20. Bipolar very manic. He's got about every symptom of mania.
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    Please don't post on spam threads. But so let us know they exist.
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    Cheaper shipping via USPS

    In many cases, Regional Flat Rate could save you money!
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    Well. My Goodness. OK, then.

    Was researching some lye, and backtracked from a Google hit on Roebic brought me to THIS forum... LOL