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    Different Colorants In CP Soap

    Has anyone heard of using fruit powder as a colorant?
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    A big wave to all

    Welcome!!! You will learn so much here, there are so many talented and knowledgable people to help!
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    uniform bars

    Oh my gosh...that cutter looks awesome!
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    shampoo bar not working!

    I would try a different recipe. It is going to be just like store bought that some will work better on your hair than others. I just don't think you have found the right recipe for your hair.
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    Peaches and Cream FO

    I was just reading a post on a different board, about a fragrance oil totally ruining a batch, and there were tons of replies saying that lots of them, even if they claim to be safe for soap, cause huge problems.
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    first sugar scrubs....

    It turned out great!
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    Newbie CP NOVICE

    Welcome! I have learned a ton, in my short time here!
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    hydrolized silk protein in CP soap

    Does anyone know...if this type of liquid silk, do you still have to kill the silkworms to get it? Or is this the kind that taken from them after they have died?
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    waving hi....

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    Newbie Soap Pics

    They turned out great congratulations!
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    A Newbie that has never made soap will learn a ton here!
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    New here and have a question

    I would agree with the use a of subtle fragrance/essential oil. It should mask the odor of the plain soap.
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    Shout out from WNY

    Welcome...I have been here about a month, and am learning a ton already!
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    probally the stupidest question ever

    Weight. Just think of a 1 oz of water vs. 1 oz of caro syrup...the volume would be the same, but not the weight. Caro is thicker, so you have to use the weight measure for your recipe.
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    old verses new

    I agree...if you are more comfortable doing it the old way, I am sure if it worked before it will work now. I think most people sort of have their own system they use, and everyone does it slightly different.
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    Soap Making Process

    Welcome! I think it is actually a very attainable goal to get to the point of never having to buy soap commercially again, and you will have fun doing it!
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    Interested in other peoples suggestions for a good feature..

    ??? I am confused to. This is a forum about making soap.
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    Early bird from the UK!

    Welcome! I am a newcomer as well, and learning so much.
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    Soap pics (opinions wanted!)

    I agree...the triangle cut is really different and pretty. Great job.