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    Gel Candles ?? How?? :D

    Hello I am looking for any advice on making gel candles. Am thinking these would be easy to make - and resell in votive glass containers... or mold them and sell without a container... to be used on a plate. Does anyone have a good supplier? Thanx,
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    Coastal Scents

    I order from CS and have had nothing but GREAT customer service and speedy shipping. I have been happy! I love the FO's they have too!
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    Online mold size calculator ?

    Yes, its the inner dimensions... I got 80 ounces... I discount at 6% with 33%. I am going to try and remake... maybe I measured wrong. Its possible!
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    Online mold size calculator ?

    I saw that but for some reason its not coming out correct for me. I must be doing something wrong... I NEED SOME HELP!! Argh. I did a recipe last night with 80 oz total oils in my silvermoon log mold which is 20 x 3.5 x 2.75 and it was not even half full... any ideas?
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    Online mold size calculator ?

    Maybe Paul can chime in -- what is the formula to figure out the liquid volume for a mold? I had it somewhere and now can't find it. Thanks! Rachelle
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    Bad to use cooking pot for soap?

    Personally, I would NEVER eat something out of the same pot I had made cp soap (with lye) in. Regardless of how clean you think it is, lye is a dangerous and toxic chemical and not something to mess around with. I would just go to Wally World and buy a cheap Enamel pot (less than $20) to...
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    Help with Butter Recipe

    Well, I would like it to be softer than a massage bar - about the consistancy of butter - in other words I will package it into jars. :)
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    Help with Butter Recipe

    Thanks anyhow -- I will figure this out on my own.
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    cocoa and coffee butter balms

    :) Great, let me know how it works for you. Its one of my best sellers!
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    Aloe infused socks?

    DH got me some frm wally world. Yes, they are very soft. LOVE THEM. Not sure how they are "infused" with Aloe... maybe a sales ploy?
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    Natural Soap at Walmart

    ;) I just started UL photos and think its pretty easy. The pain is that - yes - you have to use a host, but I suppose you could use the img path all the same from other hosts. I dont use the "get your own uploader" on this forum - is that image shack? Have not givin that a whirl...
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    Natural Soap at Walmart

    HA HA that is a good one! Um, no complaints here -- a free forum, I think its great. Posting a photo is VERY easy here once you get the hang of it. I have a flickr account... here is how to do it. From your chosen photo (in Flickr) right click your chosen image and choose "properties"...
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    Beer Soap CP - Today's Creation!

    nope - the lye takes care of that.
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    First batch!

    Gosh! What a nice looking first batch! You should be really proud... :) Good Job!
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    Beer Soap CP - Today's Creation!

    Hm - it comes in a case??!?? :P WOW gotta go get that now! He has only been bringing home 6 packs... LOL. Prob thinking "wife's gonna kill more beer tonight... what a waste..." hehehehe. I even asked tonight if it was sacrilidge - boiling down good beer - I dont drink beer -- he is ok...
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    Question about my 50/50 Lye Solution with Aloe Vera Juice

    Hey Paul -- How long is the lye mix able to be stored? Does it loose potency over time? :) Cheers
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    Another dumb eo question

    Its not that kind of place... they are all really nice and super helpful here. Sort of refreshing. Cheers!
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    Beer Soap CP - Today's Creation!

    hehehe... thanks DFP! My hubby stole --- uh saved a few from the pack when I was not looking! He about had a coronary when I began to boil it! I cut the log this morning and I think it really should have gone into the freezer -- it barely started to gel and I have end cuts that have...
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    Question about GM Soap (UPDATED)

    I agree about the honey -- its prob not helping much!
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    Question about GM Soap (UPDATED)

    Re: Question about GM Soap Hi Dana Yupo, orange color is from the GM getting to hot in the lye mix. You can use ice baths but I have fiddled around with GM and what works great for me is to mix my lye and aloe juice - and add the remaining GM liquid right before trace. I have not had to...