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    I'm back, sorta..

    Thanks, it's good to know that someone noticed that i went missing! I have an 18 year old as well as my 13 year old, but she's not living with me at the moment- she's with friends. It's just good to be out of the chaos that addictions of any sort cause in families. I tried to help my husband...
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    I'm back, sorta..

    Thanks you guys, the support really helps. I know that leaving was my only choice- it's going to be rough, since I had to pretty much leave everything, so we're starting from scratch, but it wasn't going to get any better. It's good to be back though. :D
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    I'm back, sorta..

    if no one noticed my absence, it's fine, since i'm relatively new here, but I was forced to take my 13 year old and leave my home shortly before Christmas- I was married for 23 years to a husband who is losing the battle with alcoholism. Right now I'm not in a place where I have my own kitchen...
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    Vegetarian meals

    yum- those sound delicious!
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    Baking Soda in Bath Salts

    I've heard similar claims about baking soda, especially when mixed with epsom salts. It absorbs odor, so it does purify and cleanse, in that respect.
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    I made Castile Soap last night...

    Vanilla oils, unless you use a white vanilla, will turn soap a dark, dark brown.
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    My other "Hobby"

    Mmmm, that looks delicious! My sister makes all of her own bread- there's nothing like the smell of it baking- yum.
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    Joke of the day...

    Hahaha! cute!
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    Paul's Wal-Mart Recipe

    Sounds great! I finally got the Walmart coconut oil- wow what a GREAT price!
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    Man Scents

    Sweetcakes has some Calvin Klein-like FOs, but I didn't see Eternity for men. I like their version of Clinique Happy, though.
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    Where is everyone from?

    Virginia, very close to Washington D.C.
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    Bath Salt Color Tests

    That's great to know! I definitely have to try this!! Kerry
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    Hi from Norway

    Norway, wow, cool! Hi, and welcome! Kerry
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    Bath Salt Color Tests

    Those are beautiful! I love the hibiscus!
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    Having the hardest time with MP

    I microwave mine too- I just check it frequently, and it works great.
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    Walmart Coconut Oil

    I live in the D.C. area, a HUGE area with all kinds of stores, and the closest Walmart superstore is 30 miles from me. That's good to know that they have coconut oil, though- I had no idea that they carried it.
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    Who is a nerd?

    Well it's past Thanksgiving day and I am reading this- so i'ma late nerd? :B
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    Baking Soda in Bath Salts

    I add baking soda to my bath salts. It's a natural odor absorber, and also relieves minor skin irritations.
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    Wow, those are some cool tattoo pictures. I don't have any tattoos, but a friend of mine who owns a skin care and massage therapy business once offered makeup tattooing. (I have another friend who looked into it for her business, but decided against it because of high insurance rates.) I have...