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    Camden Grey

    They ship larger quantities in plastic bottles or cans and then you must transfer to glass when they arrive. If you are ordering small quantities, 1oz 2oz, etc. they will probably be in glass. I usually order 1lb/10lb quantities from them. But very happy with quality, ship time/price.
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    Soap, Humidity, and Rain

    This is normal! You've done nothing wrong. Soap is fine if you take it out and get gets a little sweaty at a show. I just bring mine home, open up all the boxes and turn the dehumidifier on pointing toward them for a day to make sure they dry out well.
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    a bit strange request

    My parents had a hot tub when I was a kid and we had these little liquid scent products that you could add to them when you got it. That way it would smell like something other than huge amounts of chlorine. They were added each time you got in (if so desired). They would sometimes last for up...
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    If its dark looking "stuff" on the luffa after she scrubs it may just be skin. I do massage and sometimes when i get folk with dry skin that don't exfoliate regularly they start to slough while i am massaging. So, if i use a cream and it starts to soak in too much you can actually look down and...
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    wedding favours

    we did half sized bars for our favors. we wrapped them with a cigar band wrapper with our names and the date. We did three different kinds in our wedding colors and put them on silver trays by the door so folks could choose which they wanted. OR they could be used as name cards. Put the...
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    Hello from central america!!!

    Hi Charlott! we were in el salvador (for a few hours at the airport anyway) back in January on our way back from costa rica.
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    Remember me?

    wow, this is my first day back too! i dropped off the face of the earth (or computer at least for a while). Got married, got goats, have goat babies, major projects in/outside of the house. and i was boycotting the computer a bit....
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    Cocnut FO

    a lot of them tend to smell like sun tan lotion....
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    Wedding favor help

    wholesale supplies plus has a scent called exactly what you want "simmering cider". its a nice one. they also have a couple of leaf molds that are cute. "fall leave" is a guest size soap and there is another larger one that looks like a maple leaf.
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    Patchouli EO recommendation

    there are definately differences in smell depending on your source. also you'll find some labeled "sweet patchouli" or "dark patchouli" which are pretty decriptive to their smell.
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    MP base w/o palm?

    is there an MP base on the market w/o palm oil? i am trying to eliminate palm and pko from my soaps for environmental reasons. so far, can't find mp w/o it...
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    GHB in Soap??

    this is why parents shouldn't drug test their kids at home....the boxes also make NO mention of the possibility of false negatives or false positives...
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    MP and coconut oil

    when you add oil to mp it cuts down on lather, but it'll add moisture/emollient properties with the oil...
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    Trying a batch of cold process...

    my first 2 or 3 batches i stirred by hand. after reading soapmaking books and they recommended not using a stick blender because it moves things too fast and you don't really get to learn what trace looks like..... yeah...after 45-60 minutes standing next to the stove i grabbed the stick...
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    Is sterilizing necessary?

    soap not necessary to sterilize...
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    High percentage of coconut oil

    very good points....i've been searching for this australian sap value and the calculator it came from. haven't been able to find it. it sounded too good to be true! a magic fix for coconut!
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    High percentage of coconut oil

    i was doing a little thinking about what you said barb about the difference in the sap values. So, would my reasoning stand, that if i wanted to use the aussie sap value of .136 when i am formulating a recipe on (which is what i am used to) I could use an oil in place of coconut...
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    ISO a particular 'bag'

    i think you might be looking for "glassine" bags. they are used for putting cookies or baked goods in sometimes. i found one like, but if you google "glassine" a bunch come up: ... _bags.html
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    there is ultramarine pink which gives a nice pink color in cp. i've used it to make a nice pale pink, i am sure you can make it bright by using more.
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    i am in pa. i saw one school where they send home their kids BMI on their report card and a letter telling you that your kid is either overweight, normal. or underweight. yeah, its great they are taking an itnerest in health, but they are doing it all ass-backwards it seems. our local HS has...