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  1. homesteaders

    Interesting Study: Essential Oils & Extracts as Preservatives

    Here's an interesting study comparing Essential Oils, Extracts, and Methylparaben as preservatives. I'll post the link rather than the entire study.
  2. homesteaders

    Stephenson Foaming Bath Butter vs. Crafter's Choice Foaming Bath Whip

    Have any of you used both -- the Stephenson Foaming Bath Butter, and the Crafter's Choice Foaming Bath Whip? Even if you've only used one, can you tell me what you like or don't like about them? Do they both double in volume once they are properly whipped? I read a review saying the...
  3. homesteaders

    Sub for Essence of Jesus by Rustic Escentuals

    Can anyone recommend either a good replacement for Essence of Jesus from Rustic Escentuals, or a blend of FO's and/or EO's that comes close? I purchased 4 oz to try back when they still had a bunch, but I only recently got around to using it for some gifts. Everyone loved it, especially the men...
  4. homesteaders

    True Blueberry?

    I would like to find a fragrance oil that smells like fresh blueberries. I purchased one from Rustic Escentuals, but oob it smells more like bubblegum or some generic cheap hard candy. Nothing like blueberries. I haven't tried it in soap yet. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance! :)
  5. homesteaders

    Glow-In-The-Dark Pigments

    Has anyone tried glow-in-the-dark pigments from Mad Micas (or elsewhere)? I thought those would be fun for soap play dough if they actually glow in the dark. My sons would have had a blast taking a bath with that when they were little!
  6. homesteaders

    Dead Sea Mud Powder?

    Does anyone know of an economical source to purchase Dead Sea Mud/Clay in powder form? I've seen the wet mud at Amazon, but that's expensive. If not in powder, where do you buy the Dead Sea Mud/Clay? Thank you! :-)
  7. homesteaders

    How do you find markets?

    How do you find markets / craft fairs to sell your soaps and other products? There are several Saturday Markets nearby -- within half an hour drive, but all I have found already have several soapers. One market only allows 40 vendors and has 4 soapers each week. One larger market has more...
  8. homesteaders

    Corrugated Plastic for M & P Mold

    I'd like to make a small loaf mold from a corrugated plastic sheet. I've never worked with melt & pour. I thought about just taping the mold together since it will be small -- about 1.5" x 1.5" x 8". Will I need to line the plastic sheet mold with butcher paper, as I normally do for hp and cp...
  9. homesteaders

    Pine Tar: HP vs. CP. WOW!

    I have always made pine tar soap using hot process, but after reading so many threads and articles about how fast it moves and how difficult it is to work with, I decided to make a cold process batch today. NEVER AGAIN!:eek: What a difference!!! This was stiffer than my stiffest hp soaps. I...
  10. homesteaders

    Shaving Soap - Problem With my First Batch

    Hi. I've been doing HP soaps for years, but this was my first try with a shaving soap recipe. This one is supposed to be pourable. Sounded appealing! I used the tutorial found here: and thought I made it exactly according to the...
  11. homesteaders

    Australian Reef Red Clay

    I finally made a batch using Australian Reef Red Clay in different amounts for each layer (picture below). I was expecting a range from red to light pink, but ended up with shades of brown with only a pinkish tint. I wonder if it was my clay, the way I mixed it, or my oils. This was Hot Process...
  12. homesteaders

    Charcoal Lines - Messy Sides

    I like making layers with activated charcoal pencil lines, but the sides are awfully messy. I use a wood loaf mold. I've tried different ways of cleaning, but none have worked great so far. I was thinking about placing a thin piece of cardboard along each side after pouring each layer, before...
  13. homesteaders

    DIY Tube Molds?

    I would like to make a silicone tube/column mold for embeds in a log mold, but I have been unable to find any tutorials. I have a silicone candy mold that I use for embeds, but it only makes a few at a time, and I can only use them in a slab mold. That's too time-consuming. I thought about...
  14. homesteaders

    Sodium Lactate Not Helping

    Is there a difference in Sodium Lactate brands? Do some work better than others? I purchased SL from Amazon -- Dr. Adorable, Inc. brand. It seems worthless for my purpose (more fluid HP soap, and more manageable liquid soap paste). I was about to give up on using SL, but thought I'd ask if any...
  15. homesteaders


    I made my first batch of LS using Irish Lass's recipe. It turned out great! I'd like to have the EO's stay mixed, so I was looking for a natural alternative to Polysorbate 80, and found articles about a fairly new product called Sepiclear G7 by Seppic...
  16. homesteaders


    Hello. Has anyone here used MSM in soaps (liquid or bar)? I would think about 10 to 15% would be a useful amount. ??? I saw a soap recipe using plain sulfur powder in which the sulfur was added after the FO's or EO's in a CP recipe. I would think using MSM this way would prevent it from...