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    Soap hardening

    Ok, now having made a bunch of batches of soap, I'm ready to start tweaking this recipe a bit. So far, I really like how my goats milk soap turns out. The first batch I made is just about cured for 4 weeks. One thing I would like to improve is the hardness of the soap. The recipe has about...
  2. K

    Measuring soap batch sizes

    I have a question about batch sizes. I read in the forum where people talk about making a 4 pound batch of soap or a 2 pound batch of soap. Then I also read items, and ads for soap molds that mention sizes such as "just the right size for 40 ounces of oils". When talking about the size of...
  3. K

    Sources of non-traditional oils

    Hello, My first attempt at soapmaking was a simple goatsmilk soap recipe that pretty much contained oils that I could find at my local supermarket - olive, soybean, safflower, almond, etc. Where can one find things like coconut oil, palm kernel oil, palm oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, etc...
  4. K

    One batch down hopefully many to go

    Hello all, my name is Rich and I'm located in wonderful Cary, North Carolina. I got the idea to make soap when I was at the NC State Fair earlier this month. They were selling handmade goatsmilk soap for $5.75 a bar and I thought to myself "I could do this too". So last night I made up...