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  1. Obsidian

    Soap smells like plastic!

    The color change is very common, especially to a light tan or yellowy color. Vanilla isn't the only thing that can cause discoloration and I try to buy scents that show what the finished soap looks like, that way I can color the soap accordingly if I don't like the discolor. Your soaps look...
  2. Obsidian

    Soap smells like plastic!

    There are some scents that have a plastic or play doh smell to my nose. I don't know why and it's only been a couple but the scent never gets better. Have other people smell it, it could just be your nose.
  3. Obsidian

    Please help me make my beard wash base bubbly and not dried out!

    The only way to add more bubbles would to be adding more surfactants which would increase the cleansing and make it even more drying. It could also completely ruin the base, only add things that the supplier recommends, in thia case scent and 1% oils. If its drying and low lathering, it sounds...
  4. Obsidian

    Advice and recommendations…

    I'd never sell anything as hypoallergenic but if this person is a friend and can give you a list of their allergies, I would try to formulate a unscented, uncolored bar. As for the kit, do you know the person who its being gifted too? If its a teen or someone who isn't likely to be interested...
  5. Obsidian

    How to Dark Specks

    Vanilla specks, they make a very fine speckle
  6. Obsidian

    How do you “clean up” soap?

    I ignore it too, doesn't bother me at all. I suppose if I sold, it would be a different story. I avoid the its to pretty to use by gifting uncolored or a simple one color in the pot swirl. My gramma still has a ugly, warped black and white bar from when I first started soaping. No scent left...
  7. Obsidian

    Preserving Soap

    I have froze soap, in fact I probably have some from a few years back still in the deep freeze. I did it to prevent dos as it had a high iodine number and I was worried. I should pull a bar out and see how the scent is. Last time I checked it, it still smelled nice. The soap does get damp...
  8. Obsidian

    Has anyone made deer tallow soap?

    Oh my, haha. I meant bear fat
  9. Obsidian

    Has anyone made deer tallow soap?

    I've used deer tallow at 48% and quite liked it. It makes a hard bar and it seemed slicker then other bars. If I could get nice thick fat, its worth rendering down. Bear fat is nice too if you ever get access to it.
  10. Obsidian


    Koh is potassium hydroxide, a type of lye. Its a caustic chemical that comes in powder form and has many uses. Sounds like the product you have used is simply a very mild solution of koh and mostly water. You would need to locate a source of powdered koh, just a small amount, not more then a...
  11. Obsidian

    salt soap recipe quandary

    Some soaps just break the rules and its best to pretty much ignore the numbers, salt bars are one of these. I would suggest a slightly different recipe though, butters can reduce lather in salt bars and are not needed. This is my favorite recipe. 80% coconut 20% olive 20% superfat 35% salt...
  12. Obsidian

    Please help me make my beard wash base bubbly and not dried out!

    Can you provide a link to what you ordered or at least list the ingredients? Is it a liquid or?
  13. Obsidian

    I did not confess why our dishwasher broke

    Let your soapy dishes sit for a day or two so any left over bits fully turn to soap, much easier to clean
  14. Obsidian

    Does anyone here have a separate facebook account for personal and for business?

    Once upon a time I was planning on selling and I had a separate email and facebook for my soaping venture. I didn't post about or share anything soapy on my personal page. Decided selling wasn't for me so I did close down my facebook page.
  15. Obsidian

    I need help with Titanium Dioxide and White Kaolin Clay

    I have water soluble, I add just a tiny bit of water and smoosh it smooth with a baby spoon. I found the lumps are easier to get out when I make a thick slurry vs a thin mix.
  16. Obsidian

    In cold process, how long does it take for chemical reaction to occur?

    The chemical reaction you are thinking of is saponification and yes, 2 to 3 days really should be the max it takes to complete. You can zap test to see if there is any lye still active but I wouldn't recommend it, if the soap was still highly caustic, you could get a chemical burn. Wait at least...
  17. Obsidian

    what are your favorite scents from brambleberry?

    Champagne, its probably my all time favorite FO
  18. Obsidian

    I could use some help with a screw up..

    Yep, sorry to say that soap making requires patience😆
  19. Obsidian

    Perfect little tall skinny loaf mold

    Looks like the same mold. I had asked for a clear one but they were out. I tried putting mine in different wooden molds but it didn't fit any of them.
  20. Obsidian

    I could use some help with a screw up..

    Your recipes looks fine and since its heating up and cracking, its most likely mixed enough. Coconut oil soap can heat up a lot, either prop the mold up so air can circulate around it and put a small fan blowing on it or put the mold in the fridge. You can gently push down on the top, try to...