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  1. JuneP

    Question about age of lye

    I just got some new lye, but I do have a question about the age of lye. The new lye I bought is flaked; but the other lye I have on hand is tiny pellets and they are in small, plastic bottles and I'm curious as to how long other soapers have found their lye to be effective. Also, other than the...
  2. JuneP

    Walking on my own!

    Today is the first day I can start walking on my own! No more walker! The muscles are tight but working OK. A friend is coming over this afternoon and after lunch we're heading for the garden and she's going to help me with some cleanup and harvesting. There's a lot of old lettuce to pull...
  3. JuneP

    I'm home!

    Me and my furry kids came home yesterday after two months of living and under the care of relatives who also happen to be great friends. I'm still on my walker but able to put 50% of my body weight on my healing leg. It felt so good to sleep in my own bed and be able to be strong enough to take...
  4. JuneP

    Some good news for a change

    Latest xrays show my fractured, put together with metal, leg is healing well and as of two days ago I can put 25% of my body weight on my healing leg. After two week I can up that to 50% and two weeks after that I can put 100% of my weight on it and can drive again! This amounts to being 2 weeks...
  5. JuneP

    source for polyolefin bags and questions

    Since i'm months away from making soap again, i'm doing research on packaging and labels. For those of you who use polyolefin bags, can you share what size you use and where you purchase them. I don't sell, so I don't need huge amounts of anything; but I still want my soaps to be packaged well...
  6. JuneP

    New untested CP recipe

    I'm getting a little squirrely having to wait another couple of months for my leg to heal till I can walk again and get my active life back. So, I've been reading the forum, watching a lot of soap making videos, etc. Well I watched a video the other and the fellow generously gave his recipe...
  7. JuneP

    Soap shrinkage rates & soap bar size when made, unmolded, and cured.

    I'd love to know what your soap bar measurements after un-molding, and what your lye concentration is it to get to that size. And then, what is the size of your cured soap after your usual cure time of 4 or 8 weeks, or???? I'm trying to figure out how many oz of oils I need to fill the...
  8. JuneP

    Need video editing software recommendations

    I have two videos I need to edit for you tube; but the old Movie Maker program just isn't working now that I have windows 10 on this computer. I can't even get to type a title! AARGH! If you have a good, easy to use (I'm new at this), video software that will work with Windows 10 I'd love to...
  9. JuneP

    Free soap making books from Amazons i

    This is a limited time offer, but this site has 3 free book offers from Amazon right now. One is on herbal soaps, another is a 3 book encyclopedia, etc. You can read for free and download onto any kindle software on your computer, Ipad, etc. Enjoy!
  10. JuneP

    What if your preferred soap thickness?

    I was looking at various soap cutters and most seem to have the wires set to cut 1" bars; but one gave you the option of ordering 1" or 1 1/4", or maybe even a custom size. So I thought i'd ask what members preferred bar thickness and/or bar weight is. I've been using a cheese cutter...
  11. JuneP

    Unisex scents

    A friend who owns a Bed and Breakfast wanted me to make round soaps with my label and a unisex scent. Well, I had to tell her that I don't have a label, since I'm only making soap for family and friends right now; but it brings up a question for me to pose to the group. What do you use as a...
  12. JuneP

    Monday Morning Soaping rant

    Found out I can't make soap today since I forgot that I have the chimney sweep coming in a half an hour and a friend coming after lunch. Plus, I had all my colors and FO'S set out to do the hidden swirl challenge and found out that my Crafters Choice, yummy smelling Mango Papaya FO has 1%...
  13. JuneP

    My first soapmaking video

    Well, it took a few frustrating days trying to make my first soap making video using two different video editing software programs, neither of which is supposed to work with Windows 10; but after many crashes and my stubborness, I managed to eke out a basic, pretty feeble first attempt at video...
  14. JuneP

    What do you use to edit your videos?

    Finally managed to upload my first soaping video (it's pretty lame by the way! LOL); but I would like to use it to practice editing but need some help about how to do that - editing software suggestions etc. I made some goofs like saying sodium silicate (showing my 40 years as a potteR)...
  15. JuneP

    Need Video uploading help

    I made my first soaping video today and am having trouble uploading it using the USB connector. My camera is a Canon Vixia HR F62 and I'm totally clueless as to how to do this. I tried to open it in Photoshop Elements with the USB connector and the software basically said it can't find the...
  16. JuneP

    What lye concentration do you use?

    I've been designing recipes based on water as % of oil weight in the Soap Calc; but I've been reading here in the forum how many soapers use the lye concentration number instead. So, I'm putting the question out "what lye concentration number do you use". My first soaps were done with 38...
  17. JuneP

    When do you trim your soaps?

    My latest batch is a pretty soft (looks like I may have forgotten to deduct the 5% cream addition from the water!) I got it all un-molded today but not without a couple of messy looking soaps from some of the guest ovals. i went ahead did a test using my soap trim tool and it is too soft to...
  18. JuneP

    Question about cream

    I'm making soap this afternoon and I want to try to add some cream to the recipe and don't know if there's anything special I should do. Normally I just cover my finished soap with a towel and let it sit 24-48 hrs but I see that some people put goats milk soap in the freezer or fridge for a...
  19. JuneP

    Need Administrator help

    Having the darndest time signing in with new password. Kept getting told my password is wrong even having two new passwords sent to me and signing in with them. Somehow I signed in with Facebook, then try to go to setting and re-set my password for the latest one I was sent, and again it said my...
  20. JuneP

    Back in the saddle again

    Haven't made soap in months. Due to husband illness, we've moved; and after a month in the new house I'm still dealing with so many unpacked boxes because we moved to a house less than 1/2 the size we were in to make our life simpler and easier. It's taken this long to dig out my soaping...