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  1. The Efficacious Gentleman

    Chest rub (for colds etc)

    Hello all I had a bit of a search here but didn't find anything on this subject - making a chest rub for helping fight colds and so on (like a Vicks sort of thing, but different) My thoughts are: Soft oil 49,5% Beeswax 5% Hard oil 45% Scent mix 0,5% Looking for something that is...
  2. The Efficacious Gentleman

    Deodorant Help

    Hello all A while back I took part in this thread here (Need to make a switch... | Soapmaking Forum - Soap & Candle Forums ) and made a batch of deo. It worked, but I had issues with the product ruining some of my clothes. I am not sure if it was the recipe itself though, as I was visiting a...
  3. The Efficacious Gentleman


    Made a batch on Wednesday - poured around 5pm, and at even 3pm the next day was still getting DDM, but had to cut it regardless
  4. The Efficacious Gentleman

    Lemongrass for summer

    Made a batch on Wednesday - 8kgs of oil! I don't get to soap often, so I soap big Lemongrass EO for a fresh summer shower
  5. The Efficacious Gentleman

    Lotion recipe help - or is it a mixing issue.....or.........?

    Hello all. Been a while, I know, but the Little Efficacious and Little Admirable plus other things (houses are a lot of work!) have really been taking my free time away. I need to look at making another batch of lotion but I have had issues with the last two. They generally start of thick...
  6. The Efficacious Gentleman

    Big batch!

    So as I don't get much time to soap any more, I've decided to just make more soap at once. As we know, scaling up isn't so straight forward AND I'm using a rose FO in a salt bar. It's still ongoing as I am waiting for the lye to be very cool before I mix, but the 8kg (282oz!) oil weight is...
  7. The Efficacious Gentleman

    Eye Serum - Caffeine and Vit E amounts

    Hello all So, another new thing for me to look at - I am wanting to make an eye serum (I would say it's for The Admirable Lady, but I look like Uncle Fester a lot of the time!) and I want to add in Vit E and some caffeine. From what I have found, Vit E is usually 1%. But is that the...
  8. The Efficacious Gentleman

    Polysorbate 80 + Cetyl Alcohol

    Hello all I'm putting together a shopping list and the price of my usual emulsifier (Olivem 1000) hit me when looking at larger amounts. So then I went digging................. Polysorbate 80 alone is not going to cut it for anything a bit thicker - bath bombs, scrubs and so on are okay...
  9. The Efficacious Gentleman

    (Yet another) bath bomb questions

    Hello all So, as we now have a bath in the new house, I think I'll go down the rabbit hole of bath bombs (the Admirable Lady was very excited to have something else to enjoy and give away!). Some points and information, then the questions: As a basis, this recipe from the crafty monkey...
  10. The Efficacious Gentleman

    The little Admirable Lady

    And so it begins once more! Due date is end of August, and both mother and baby are in very good health. We are both very excited
  11. The Efficacious Gentleman

    Why is price so important?

    Hello SMF Having seen a number of newbies selling at stupid pricing (when they shouldn't be selling at all!) and seeing some regulars who are thinking about starting to sell, I wanted to post about why pricing is very important, even for (or especially for!) a hobby soaper who sells...
  12. The Efficacious Gentleman

    Face Scrub

    Hello SMFers I have found a recipe (on the back of a product) and I would like to see what is what in it - it's a face scrub, which is new ground for me, but there are some things in there that I just don't know what they bring to the party and what I could use instead. Water (Aqua)...
  13. The Efficacious Gentleman

    Emulsifying Sugar Scrub Guidance

    Hello SMFers I am looking at working out how to make an emulsifying sugar scrub. I don't use e-wax so a lot of the recipes shared are not suitable for me, so I was looking for guidance on what is needed: For example, can I take a normal lotion recipe that has around 45-50% liquid oil...
  14. The Efficacious Gentleman

    Latest Salt Bars

    Finally had a chane to soap again and so i whipped up some salt bars. CO, AVO, and castor with Lemongrass EO. They were cut within two hours of moulding up :Kitten Love: the bars were still really warm to the touch, but really hard. Now for a good long cure............
  15. The Efficacious Gentleman

    What goes here

    Hello all I notice that a lot of people post information about websites and sales from our suppliers. These should go in "shopping recommendations" rather than here. This section is about our own websites and how our soap is selling online, if we run a soaping company with a website and...
  16. The Efficacious Gentleman

    Whipped Body Butter

    So I tried the whipped body butter without melting down the ingredients too much (See here) - trouble is, the shea was still pretty solid so I had to squidge some lumps with a fork and even then there are some time lumps still in there. Still, the MIL and The Admirable Lady are getting one...
  17. The Efficacious Gentleman

    Leather Treatment / Wood Oil / Emergency Lip Balm

    Hello everyone I made a batch of a leather treatment balm with 80% olive oil, 20% beeswax. It works well enough. But then I also needed to oil my kitchen table and realised that the recipes were pretty similar. Then The Admirable Lady was in dire need of some lip balm, and it fitted the...
  18. The Efficacious Gentleman

    Shaving soap additives - salt and sugar

    Hello lads and lasses So, I have a shaving soap recipe that I am pretty happy with so today I thought I'd try out an experiment to see what two staple additives bring to the party in a shaving soap - salt and sugar. I made 4 batches: A) control batch, no additives (also the largest, as I...
  19. The Efficacious Gentleman

    Latest high lard soap

    Last time I made the 80% lard soap I went with no exfoliating element, so this time I tried it again but with the poppy seeds. Will be interesting to see how white it ends up being when I cut it
  20. The Efficacious Gentleman

    My new answer to the "Soap Making Process" question

    Make a cup of tea Fire up the computer and get my book of recipes Open up soapcalc and SMF after 30 minutes of looking around the forum, go to Soapcalc again Make another tea Enter some oils and then go off thinking about trying out some new scent combination After another hour, print off...