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  1. Tara_H

    Possibly unorthodox shampoo bar

    This may be a strange request for feedback since I've already made this and I like it, but the world of syndets is still a bit new and scary to me so I'd like either some reassurance or a nudge in the right direction here. This recipe originated when my mum was visiting - I'd promised her we'd...
  2. Tara_H

    Meeses and mooses

    Starting a thread here to be polite and not start/contribute to another detour. I was already suffering from semantic satiation but this was the last straw... 🤣
  3. Tara_H

    Zap through gloves??

    So this is a weird one, and may be just my overactive imagination, but is it possible to feel a 'zap' from unsaponified soap on your hands, and through gloves? When I was doing this last night, I was wearing nitrile gloves the whole time. I was using an unfamiliar blender, which a couple of...
  4. Tara_H


    Curious as to whether anyone on this forum uses/is familiar with this? I've been buying supplies from Aroma-Zone (French website) recently and they have a lot of really interesting recipes (although their soap recipes don't seem great, but many of the others have really good reviews.) I bought...
  5. Tara_H

    Well, I bought a...

    3d printer! o_O I was so close to getting a cricut machine... Then I took a step back and thought a bit more. I've been wanting a 3d printer for many many years, whereas I only heard of cricut on this forum recently. Also I have some pretty decent 3d skills, and I think in the long run I'll...
  6. Tara_H

    The most basic-est conditioner recipe possible?

    Right. I've learned how to make some lotions and I'm happy with how they came out. I also made a simple shampoo bar (minus the keratin) and that's fine as a starting point too (although maybe a bit too cleansing, I don't think my hair has ever been so squeaky clean!). I want to make a...
  7. Tara_H

    Hatching a new batch

    In 3 weeks' time we should be welcoming some new additions to our flock 🥰 There's something magical to me about hatching, I can't wait!
  8. Tara_H


    Has anyone used the site They seem to have a wide range of products and reasonable shipping but their website quality is a little bit off-putting. Would be good to know if they're legit and reliable.
  9. Tara_H

    How to improve this gardener's balm?

    Along with the gardener's soap I made a while back, I also made a balm to go alongside to help with the moisturising and help with any odd scratches. I'm generally happy with it, but I have a nagging feeling that it could be improved. It's a touch too hard for my liking, and also a little on...
  10. Tara_H

    Layered bulbs

    I planted up these pots at the end of last year when I was having a really rough time. It took me days just to plan which bulbs would go in which pot, and days more to get them planted up with my husband's help. But it was so worth it, every time I go in or out of the house, I take a pause to...
  11. Tara_H

    Gentle liquid soap for shower

    Backstory: my brother's birthday is coming up in a little over a month and I'd like to make him something nice (as well as expanding my soaping skills!) Mum reckons he wouldn't like a solid bar, and he's also been having trouble with his skin so I'd like to make a very gentle shower cream soap...
  12. Tara_H

    Masterbatching oils - how much at a time?

    Hopefully I'll be getting a big haul of fat from the butcher this week, which I'll want to get rendered down ASAP. I've also done a review of my recipes and identified a short list of regulars that I'll probably stick to for the most part, so I was thinking it would make sense to make a...
  13. Tara_H

    What to use for discolouring?

    Ok this may sound like a weird question but bear with me! I really want to try this woodgrain soap where she uses a discolouring fragrance to produce the effect: However, on reflection, the only discolouring FO I have is Hot Buttered Rum, which really doesn't seem appropriate for wood 🤔...
  14. Tara_H

    Making striped soap - the long way!

    “If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe.” ― Carl Sagan, Cosmos The plan for today was to make a simple striped egg soap for Easter. But then I remembered the cardboard box I've been using to stabilise the small moulds is bowing, and I didn't want...
  15. Tara_H

    Needles for soap felting?

    I have some ugly loaf ends and other lumpy soaps that I've been saving to try felting with. I knit and spin so there's plenty of roving around, but I've never done needle felting before so was looking at the options. Most of the felting needles I can find are made of iron (where it's specified...
  16. Tara_H

    Soda ash inside the soap?

    Good news, I managed to get a recipe which stays fluid for swirls, bad news, with new success comes new problems... Oh wait, wrong thread! Basically, I unmoulded this soap this morning (24 hour wait, which is massive for me!) after CPOP covered in cling film and cooling all night. It was quite...
  17. Tara_H

    Thoughts on chocolate soap?

    I'd love some thoughts and feedback on using this as a hot process recipe. Soapmaking Recipe Builder & Lye Calculator - basic oil breakdown based on the recipe by @AliOop in the notes. A few motivations behind this: I've never made a solid soap by HP and I'm curious to try. Some of the videos...
  18. Tara_H

    Uses for waste water from rendering?

    People who render your own lard/tallow/etc, do you have any uses for the waste water? I hate to waste anything and after taking the solidified tallow off the top, there remains a quantity of water which clearly has a lot of fat dispersed in it. Given the salt content I can't give it to the...
  19. Tara_H

    Documenting my progress

    Usually I take crappy random pictures with my phone but I was all inspired by @Mobjack Bay's backdrop thread to get the camera out and take some proper photos. Not so artistic, I'm afraid! But a documentary-style warts-and-all picture of each soap so I can look back on my soaping journey 😄...
  20. Tara_H

    Can I get the mad micas red set in Europe?

    I really want to make some soap that's actually red... My latest red mica is red-ish, but in a rusty sort of way. I'm thinking poppies, Coke cans, Swiss army knives... The best recommendation I can find is the true red set from mad micas, but shipping would be insane. I can't seem to find any...