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    First attempts at hot process soap

    I used to do it directly on the stove top but recently started using a bain marie set up, cover top of bowl which is on a saucepan with hot water, saucepan on stove top very low heat as you might for chocolate, and cover soap bowl with plastic film. Walk away and do other things for a short...
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    In the still of the night....2 shave soaps

    Sorry for late reply. I am in the UK and available here from a company, however you may find it on Amazon or Ebay.
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    In the still of the night....2 shave soaps

    Dont forget about Soduim Gluconate as a chelator, I find it far more effective than S. Citrate.
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    Dual Lye For Liquid Soap

    No mine has never re solidified up again, my100% CO does tend to come out more watery than I would like, with some clever tweaking around I have managed to get something agreeable with all KoH but in general not. By adding the NaOH it gives me a nice consistency, and this is only for my own use...
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    Dual Lye For Liquid Soap

    I do like NaOH in my LS but it is very dependant on the oils used, no one size fits all, certain oils LS especially with an appreciable amount of OO just do not need any extra oomph to be a nice consistency after dilution once you get the proportions right, but some do, particularly high or 100%...
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    amount of EO in cold process vs hot process

    IFRA and EU safety assessments are two different things but do kind of cross paths as the safety assessors are guided by IFRA. I think IFRA takes which components in an EO/FO and gives the guide line on its maximum safety level. The EU safety assessment tends to blanket a maximum of 3% on any...
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    amount of EO in cold process vs hot process

    Of course here in the UK we are governed by the safety assessment which usually limits as far as I am aware most EO/FO to a maximum of 3%. But I have noticed a distinct different in the lasting power within HP as opposed to CP. Definitely not too much information, your method makes total sense...
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    amount of EO in cold process vs hot process

    In my experience the aroma does stay a little better in HP than CP, probably something to do with the lye reaction as the EO/FO is coming into contact directly with lye, but I have no idea if there is science behind this theory. But having said that I would never use more than 3% in either process.
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    Clove equals Soap on a Stick

    Certainly not here in the UK and I doubt in the EU either.
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    Clove equals Soap on a Stick

    Its really not perfectly skin safe, only recommended at 0.5% maximum. Its can burn like hell and it was withdrawn from pharmacies as a cure for tooth ache when many people seriously burned their gums. Even at low percentages it can irritate the intimate body parts. I LOVE the aroma of clove and...
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    Another "How many of you ... ?" questions.

    I dont bevel as I mostly use cavity moulds and I dont sell so not a big deal, but there are occasions when a log would be easier to mould up for certain reasons. When I first saw IrishLass technique I immediately bought one of those Japanese routers from Lees Valley, but can I get it to do what...
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    Liquid soap PH help

    I totally echo what DeeAnnna said. And I cant tell you how many pH meters I have lined up to shoot!
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    Holy soap scum Batman!!

    Thank you very much for your very interesting reply, I love the detail. I am in the UK so fully understand the meaning of the safety assessment which I used have some years ago when I did sell a little soap, but now I dont sell at all and just make for home use. If your assessor says up to 1.3%...
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    Holy soap scum Batman!!

    Incidentally the official usage rate I believe is around 0.5% which is what I use it at but I dont I think double the recommended amount and you obviously do not have any adverse effects in your soap. It could be that at the 1% range it just becomes overkill? and 0.5% as recommended is actually...
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    SoapMaking Friend Recipe Calculator INCORRECT Regarding Adapting Recipe Size to Cylinder Dimensions

    We, as soap makers, need to ensure that the results we're getting from these "time saving" calculators are actually accurate. I have noticed that using a simple recipe will net different results depending on which website's calculator one uses. This has always been an annoyance of mine and I...
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    Holy soap scum Batman!!

    Absolutely true, this is something I have noticed as well.
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    Holy soap scum Batman!!

    I use Sodium Glutomate @ 0.5% of oil weight which also works better for me than Sodium Citrate. I have hard city water but have never had a problem when using in place that does not. It will not illuminate scum but it will reduce it greatly.
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    Preserving Liquid soap

    I am pretty sure that here in the UK and in Europe the cosmetic safety assessors say that a preservative is not required, and they are the qualified ones putting their heads on the line to pass our products for big, small and home producers as is required by law over here. Hope that helps.
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    Hello from Wales, UK

    Welcome from a UK soaper too.
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    Dried Lavender

    Be aware that Lavender buds on wrapped soap can turn into mould, soap still has a water content so it does become a breeding ground to foreign bodies.