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  1. KiwiMoose

    Mathematician help required.

    So - this is doing my head in... 0.1% of 300 grams is 0.3 grams - is that correct? So is 30mg 0.3 grams or 0.03 grams? Thank you in advance :)
  2. KiwiMoose

    Bubble wrap for honeycomb impression

    I was going to make a soap using the bubble wrap as a 'honeycomb' impression and i see some sites say you can use it on the underneath as well as the top side of the soap. Wouldn't it melt if it was underneath the soap going through gel phase? Has anyone ever used it underneath, and if so, was...
  3. KiwiMoose

    Black Pepper EO?

    Hi All, Black Pepper EO has piqued my interest recently. I'm thinking of buying some and trying some blends. Anyone used it recently? Does it speed trace? Any particular blends that you like?
  4. KiwiMoose

    Black Cherry Bomb

    Phew! Talk about stroooooong! This is by Nature's Garden and all the reviews say how lovely it is, how popular it is and how much it smells like real black cherries. But it doesn't. It smells like almonds. Well, marzipan to be exact. I dunno whether this is a popular scent in the USA but not...
  5. KiwiMoose

    DO NOT drop your red mica!!!

    EDIT: I’m generally NOT a clumsy person. This is a sign that I’m stressed. Dropped my red mica off the side of the kitchen bench. Some of it end up on the overhead cupboards on the other side of the kitchen! Looks like there’s been a bloody murder. Surprisingly, there’s still well over half the...
  6. KiwiMoose

    Rosemary and...?

    Sorry Rosemary, I just don't like you. Every soap I've every put you in is stinky too my nose. However, I know some people do like you, so how could I use you better in blends to be appealing to Rosemary lovers? I've looked on EO calc and found a few, but thought my mates here on SMF might...
  7. KiwiMoose

    Mr Blobby - help me out with a name?

    Here's my 'stabbed with a spatula' soap that some of you may recall (@Zing?) I've photographed it up to look a bit more tie-dyed, even though you all know that it is a failed swirl. The general public don't know it is a fail, so I'm going to push the tie-dye theme to make it more appealing...
  8. KiwiMoose

    I can't do a decent drop swirl!

    I've decided I don't like drop swirls. They never turn out any good. Always just a big U shaped mess. Are there any drop swirl experts out there that can help with tips? I see a lot of lovely ones but just can't seem to emulate them. Here's my most recent one and the method I used was to...
  9. KiwiMoose

    Some new soaps!

    I've been taking some photos this week: Seascape, Love Spell, Blood Orange and Pear, Pumpkin Pie, Lager, Lime and Sandalwood, Dapper Doggie ( with Neem Oil) Shave soap in a cup
  10. KiwiMoose

    Floral inspiration - not 'nana'

    I've lost my floral mojo - I've done a lot of earthy, woodsy, warm type scents lately using woods ( sandal, ho and cedar) and lemon eucalyptus, patchouli, ginger etc. Time to lift the mood a little. I like Love Spell and use that as a staple. I'm thinking EO blends or FOs that have a similar...
  11. KiwiMoose

    Super-duper super fat!

    So I was right in the middle of melting oils and mixing lye, when i realised i did not have enough lye!!! I would have had enough if I was making my usual size batch, but this was a bit bigger. So I just ran with it and made it anyway. I did have a bit of KoH here, so I topped up with a bit...
  12. KiwiMoose

    Neem turned green?

    I made some doggie soap today - same recipe as always, but this time it turned dark green while gelling and then stayed green! It's usually a deep buttery cream colour. My recipe has all the usual ingredients that I always use, with neem being the only different one. However, i have used neem...
  13. KiwiMoose

    Stuck on the OPW

    Ever since the challenge a couple of months back, I've been kinda addicted to the One Pot Wonder. I'm in danger of over using it now and having all my soap look the same. Does any one else have a design style they use often or that is a go-to/default? Describe it and post pics! Here's my...
  14. KiwiMoose

    CP Shave soap slow to trace?

    Well I never - I had previously made a CP shave soap and have tweaked the recipe to try and make it a bit thicker. Essentially I use soy wax instead of stearic acid, and the main tweaks I made were increasing the soy wax amount, and using dual lye Koh/Naoh. I was expecting it to trace rapidly...
  15. KiwiMoose

    Colour Safe Syndet Shampoo bars

    So I've had a few people ask me if my shampoo bars are colour safe, and I reply that to the best of my knowledge they are because I use them on my own colour-treated hair. It made me do a google search on what exactly makes up colour-safe shampoos ( according, mostly, to actual colour-safe...
  16. KiwiMoose

    Some new soap photos

    White Tea and Jasmine Citrus Woods Candy Apple Daphne and Patchouli Black Linen and Patchouli Sensual Blend: Ylang Ylang, Litsea, Neroli, Patchouli and Palmarosa
  17. KiwiMoose

    My first two 'tragedies' both in the same batch!

    So I can't get my regular GW415 soy wax at present, and I've been using a replacement and then that went out of stock too. So tried a new one today called 'S100' All Seasons wax - has anyone else heard of it or tried it? Anyway, let's start with the saga.... It's cold here today, only 10...
  18. KiwiMoose

    Where can I get interesting columns for a column pour?

    I want to get some interesting shaped columns. I've never done a column pour before and i want to use a star shaped item rather than just a round item. What can I use? Any ideas? TIA :)
  19. KiwiMoose

    Sodium Phytate?

    Calling all chemists! This product is now available from one of my suppliers and is being heralded as a natural alternative to EDTA. It acts as a chelator and helps to prevent metal-catalysed reactions, and can help with rancidity and discolouration caused by metals. It also has moisturising...
  20. KiwiMoose

    What's good with Lemon-Eucalyptus?

    I have a new bottle of lemon eucalyptus EO to try out. I'm thinking one other EO in there might be good, but I don't want to use spearmint because I've made a few minty soaps lately so want to do something different. Any thoughts? I have lavender here, and rosemary (which I'm not a fan of TBH...