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  1. DWinMadison

    Took another stab at an oatmeal-turmeric soap

    lightly scented with orange, clove, cedarwood and citronella. This is the one I tried with hemp “milk.”
  2. DWinMadison

    Recent Projects: Crimson Tide

    Here’s several recent projects.... Turmeric and Oatmeal Ocean Waves: peppermint, lemongrass, clary sage Green Tea - Oatmeal: Lemongrass, rosemary “Crimson Tide:” scented with Crafter’s Choice Egyptian Musk
  3. DWinMadison

    Storing Cured Soap

    Do y'all have any strong feelings or advice on storing soap after cure? Open air but covered? shrink-wrapped? What's the best preservation method to preserve bar integrity and fragrance without promoting DOS?
  4. DWinMadison

    I think I’ve over-complicated my soap

    I seem to be struggling to get the desired colors in my soap, and I’m beginning to understand why so many professional sappers just make good, simple soap without all the fancy colors,and swirls. My last few master batches of oil have included some really nice ingredients like jojoba and hemp...
  5. DWinMadison

    Food coloring

    can you color transparent soap with food coloring without staining towels and skin?
  6. DWinMadison

    Noni Soap

    My daughter asked if I could make noni soap. Anybody have any experience with it?
  7. DWinMadison

    New Acrylic Soap Bevel

    Here’s a couple of bars I made over the past few months using a makeshift slab mold and my mock-up slab cutter. Frankly they came out so wonky that I considered them “for home use only.” Enter my new bevel and the nice square edges and smooth planes. Game changer. $20 well spent. I have noticed...
  8. DWinMadison

    Cleaned up logo

    I wanted to give a shout out to Vistaprint. I paid $10 for 30 minutes of design time. They actually spent over an hour and didn’t even charge me. They cleaned up my logo considerably—both the design and resolution. What do you think?
  9. DWinMadison

    Maroon and Gray

    I live in a part of the US where (American) football rivalries are a way of life. I shared that I made my tiger stripes for Auburn University in my home state. Well, I work with a ton of Mississippi State fans, and they are demanding “equal time.” My challenge is their school colors..thus the...
  10. DWinMadison

    Subscription Soap....Is it time?

    Have any of you guys tried "subscription" services whereby you send our a certain number of bars and/or other products on a regular basis for an annual fee? It's crazy popular for other products---at least with my wife. :rolleyes:No, seriously, she does enjoy a couple of them for cosmetics, and...
  11. DWinMadison

    Shipping (out) cost.

    I just paid USPS over $5 to mail 2 5oz bars from MS to AL with minimal packaging—mylar shipping envelope and 2 pieces of card stock.. Is that reasonable? Is there a cheaper method?
  12. DWinMadison

    Teal and Gray Re-do

    Tried to duplicate a swirl from a few months ago. Pretty much dead on it!
  13. DWinMadison

    Frozen Aloe Vera

    I'm going to try soaping with AV for liquid above my lye 50/50. Can I freeze any leftover for future use?
  14. DWinMadison

    olive oil vs olive oil pomace

    What's the difference in the two from a soaping perspective? They seem to identical in values.
  15. DWinMadison

    Cacao Butter

    Good for soap?
  16. DWinMadison

    Oil-to-mold calculations for translucent soap

    I'm hoping to work on my first translucent bars tomorrow. The recipe I'm adapting calls for a 1 to 2 ratio of oils to solvents. It's a very interesting "quick" method from that the author calls "hot cold-process."...
  17. DWinMadison

    Daryl’s First-Evah Shave Soaps...

    ...also my first attempt at hot process soaping. The YouTubes were honestly SO helpful. My process was text-book in every phase “mashed potato,” “applesauce,” “glue.” I knew what to expect at each step along the way.
  18. DWinMadison

    Stop me before I scar some guy for life

    Here's the calculations for my first shave soap-(file attached). Somebody please look it over before I hurt someone...