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  1. bbr

    For Craft’s Sake #25 Block mold

    Hello all, We’ve had a lot of luck with this mold and enjoy using it as it saves boatloads of time for us. However, I really hate dealing with petroleum jelly to adhere the Mylar and seal the corners. Has anyone discovered any alternate tricks? If not, how do you most effectively clean the...
  2. bbr

    Optimal Bath Bomb Humidity?

    I'm having some issues. What else is new, right? So, last post I was thinking that my bombs not sticking had something to do with the fact that I had changed out my CA for some random brand off of Amazon because the grains were very large. Well, then I tried another batch and it worked so...
  3. bbr

    Citric Acid Questions

    I had to buy some emergency citric acid for my shows this weekend, which means that I had to buy what I could get my hands on. Lately I've been using Milliard Citric Acid, and it seems to have a pretty small crystal structure. Well, this new stuff, from Spicy World, has a longer crystalline...
  4. bbr

    Ribbon wick

    I've not seen anything here about this, but I recently bought a ribbonwick candle and really love it. Any idea what they make the ribbon out of?
  5. bbr

    Quick question about dilution liquids

    Can a soap paste be diluted with liquids other than water and or glycerin? I'm working on making a dupe of the L store's Glögg. It looks like it has a lot of liquids in it (Orange and lemon juices, wine, brandy, and clove and cinnamon infused H2O). I suppose that this could be done much easier...
  6. bbr

    Eggnog no water- What do I need to know?

    I'm thinking of doing an eggnog base soap. Real eggnog, not the fake stuff you buy with all the junk in it. I've made goat's milk CP with success in the past, but never anything that contained eggs. So, beyond keeping the oils chilly and freezing the nog, is there anything else I should...